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Heads Up! Perspi has finished her Costume Fic!

Remember the "Come As You're Not" Halloween Party I threw a few months back? If you drank too many snowballs and need a jolt of remembrance: http://karaokegal.livejournal.com/33733.html

The biggest, gaudiest costume was made by the amazing perspi who started a major work of H/W fiction and left us hoping and praying it would someday be completed. I have just been advised that the entire ensemble is now available for the viewing and the loving comments it deserves.

The original first chapter is HERE and I assume there are links to the continuing chapters.

All I can say is that is some damn costume!

Lord willin' and the crick don't rise, we will do it again this year, so you may want to start planning early. (Hey, I live in San Francisco; we start planning Halloween the day after Halloween.)
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