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The Karaokegal Boxed Set-2006-The year in Fan Fiction

I know I’ve acquired new LJ Friends who haven’t read some of the older fics.

Outrageous and possible unseemly self-aggrandizement:
Remember, it’s never too late to comment on a fic and it’s certainly never to late to do a recommendation or Hall Of Fame nomination to housefic_meta I don’t know if I deserve it, but I certainly crave the validation.

Some backstory:
I came to LJ by accident because I fell in Love/Lust with House MD and specifically the oh-so-Slashy House/Wilson dynamic. One bored day at work in August of 2005, I googled “House/Wilson slash fiction” and ended up and house_slash. It took about three months to get through the entire back archive of the house_slash where I first encountered acidic_flower and kohlrimmedeye and all the others a whose keyboards I continue to genuflect. I found out that although I’d come as a H/W shipper, I was already round-heeled in the face of “Hot and Well-Written" and that I desperately wanted to be part of this club. I hadn’t written fan fiction since the early 80’s back when it was on paper and we actually sold it to each other.

My first attempt was a House/CSI cross-over featuring Cameron/Sara, although even that story had Stealth H/W slash. That one is lost to us due to my total LJ dorkiness. I had originally double posted it. When I tried to solve that problem, I managed to completely delete it. I don’t have a back up copy and that’s probably a good thing. Let’s just say my femslash skills have improved considerably since then.

A word about drabbles:
I wrote a lot of them this year, especially after I got hooked on femslash 100. I’m NOT including all of them.

Ode to my Beta Goddess:
Last December, I posted that I was looking for a beta and the wonderful, marvelous, so awesome I can’t describe it, Beta Goddess Carol came into my life. My life and my writing are so much better for her influence. She holds my hand, pushes me to find the emotional truth, sends me back for better last lines, never, ever lets me get away with a cliché and most important keeps from letting Wilson cry. Without her there would not be Hugh&Bobby love or my particular brand of Joolslust.

House/Wilson stories including Angst-o-Meter ratings:

1 means-Cotton-candy fluff. 5 Means “Oh my god, get me the razor blades.”

Games People Play
Written for acidic_flower for Christmas 2005.
Her request was “House/Wilson, with House in control and maybe some kink.”
I wrote a BDSM epic. I think my writing has gotten a lot better and smoother since then, but there’s still some good heat and the undying question: Why does Wilson keep going back to Julie? My biggest regret about this one is the “Wilson tie bondage.” It must have been a cliché, even then.
Angst-o-Meter rating-2 ½

Chills & Fever a/k/a The Angsty 80’s Songfic
This probably tells you more about where my musical head is at than it does about House and Wilson, but there’s still some good stuff in there. The song lyrics and the set up may not work for everybody. House gets hold of an old mix-tape and spends time thinking about sex.
Angst-o-Meter rating-2

Rating PG13
Angst-o-Meter rating 1 ½-
Just a little wank-drabble.
Heavily inspired by http://community.livejournal.com/mmom/

Caught In The Act

I’m listing this one twice, both under H/W and Wilson/Chase.
This would make an excellent housefic_meta recommendation, as it has no smut, but lots of plot and character development. The same night I asked for prompts and ended up writing Cam/Cuddy smut, haldane offered a prompt of House catching Wilson and Chase doing something and thinking they're having sex, but they’re not. It turned into really, really long story, focusing both on the House/Wilson friendship angst and the possibility of Wilson and Chase bonding and having a real friendship. And there’s a hot twist toward the end.
Angst-o-Meter Rating-2 ½

The First Lie-Drabble version
Rating R
Angst-o-Meter rating 3
Bunny driven drabble about House/Wilson’s “first time”. The response was so great that it got expanded into a full scale story.

The First Lie-The Full Story version Rating NC17/ Angst-o-Meter rating 4.
I like this one because it’s more of a “real” sex story, rather than “Perfect First Time” sex and it gets very angsty toward the end.

Feelin’ Alright
Post-“Detox” smutfic written for The Fabulous Wallsmut Fic Challenge. A nice dose of angsty hate!sex.
Rating: NC17
Angst-o-Meter rating - 3

Still No Reason
Rating – G
Angst-o-Meter rating-5
We’re talking serious pain here in a “House wakes up from the coma fic.” I was bitten by a truly nasty bunny on the way to work one day and this is what happened. The reaction to this was pretty intense. No smut, so possibly a good housefic_meta rec.

Gravedigger Never Disappoints

It came out more like a angst/fluff/angst oreo. Former Sould Mate's requests were as follows: 1. Kink 2. One of them says "I wouldn't kick you out of bed for eating crackers." 3. In a bedroom. For things she didn't want: 1. Wilson's tie must not make an appearance. 2. House's leg doesn't hurt.
Rating: NC17
Angst-O-Meter rating-3

Back For Good
House Vs God inspired drabble.
Rating-Implied slash.
Angst-o-Meter rating 4

And then the third season started.

For awhile I was so upset by what TPTB were doing to the boys that I couldn’t write House/Wilson at all. When I did start again, the first bunny was especially nasty.

Rating: Nasty implications

Things got worse in H/W land. I looked at the calendar and noticed what Jewish holiday it was.

Kol Nidre
Written in a frenzy of hoping that no one else was working on the same idea. Another one I’d be happy to have recced.
Angst-O-Meter 4

Silent Night
Another take on one of my favorite “H/W slash moments” including an answer to the long-standing question: What happened to Wilson between the Chinese Food happiness and the House alone at the piano drinking whiskey misery? As you can imagine, the answer is NOT HAPPY!!! I had the first line in my brain for months before it grew into a full-sized bunny and grabbed me by the throat.
Angst-o-Meter rating-4

Voices Carry
It’s kind of….fluffy. This was one of those “sitting on my hard drive” (or at least my employer’s hard drive) pieces that I wanted to do something else with but couldn’t.
Originally written as the second part of Spring Fever I was heavily under the influence of RSL’s appearance and voice in the PBS “American Masters” program about Eugene O’Neill.
Rating: PG13
Angst-O-Meter rating: 2

Crime Of Passion
Rating: NC17
Angst-o-Meter rating: 4
NON-CON!!!!! Revenge of The Wilson!
Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Plot bunny attack immediately after Son Of Coma Guy. Mostly written (mentally) while riding down Mt. Haleakala (in Maui) on a bicycle, freezing my ass off.
Dedicated to the angst-tastic daasgrrl who writes seriously hot, angsty, so brilliant I want to kill her, House/Wilson and shares my love of hate!sex.

It Don’t Mean A Thing
House MD/Swing Kids crossover story, written for the hw_fest
Prompt: House has dreams about Peter Müller (from Swing Kids)in the work camps. Why is he having these dreams and how does Wilson react when House tells him? What happens?
I must have been out of my mind to take this prompt as "Swing Kids" made me deeply unhappy the first time I saw it, and taking the prompt meant I had to re-watch parts of it over and over.
Aside from that, I’m really, really, really happy with how it came out.
Thanks again to Beta Goddess Carol-it took a lot of pushing to get the ending right.
The only thing wrong with the story is that I screwed up some of the German.
Rating: PG13 for themes and language
Angst-O-Meter rating: 2 ½ (Schmoopy ending)


Rainy Night In Princeton
Written as a Christmas/Birthday present for fallen_arazil She wanted "slut!Wilson, but still sympathetic". I'm not sure how much sympathy survived.
Wilson/House/Julie/Chase/Cameron/Cuddy and back to House. (Includes my first ever literary threesome.)
Really, really, really DARK!
Once again, Beta Goddess Carol sent it back several times until I was able to face the emotional truth of what I was saying about the Wilson/House relationship.

Collaboration with Former Soul Mate
Rating: R
Angst-o-Meter-I’m giving it a 3. There’s angst, but also fluff.
It’s got something for everything…House/Wilson angst/fluff/smut, Chase-angst, car-wanking, and our attempt to make Vogler understandable. (I said understandable, not sympathetic.)


As You Are
NC17-Super dark. Semi-noncon. I really like this one. Sort of intended as a tribute to the famous Sonny/Carly hate!sex on General Hospital, but it ran off in a cracktastic direction on it’s own. My first attempt at semi-Noncon.

Sweets For My Sweet
Candy drabble-one of the fluffiest things I’ve ever written.

Quid Pro Quo
Just a drabble to help myself resolve a plot point from Whac-A-Mole

Up On The Roof
Written for the santahouse_md exchange. The recipient wanted: House/Chase, Three things you would like to see: a fair amount of snark, a blow-job from Chase, and at least one mention of Chase's thing for pain/daddy issues. Three things you'd rather not see: too much angst,House complaining about his leg during sex. JUST SHUT UP AND LIKE IT, OKAY
Rating: NC17
Thanks to Beta Goddess Carol, I think I managed to do a bit of a twist on the usual bastard!House/usedandabused!Chase dynamic.

Redemption Song a/k/a-The Chase fic that ate my life
Written for the Chase fic-a-thon at duerbp
Prompt: 23-Chase's endurance and performance need to be redeemed after Cameron's "If we were getting the sample from you, we'd be done by now" comment. Redeem him in any way you see fit.
So I basically had Chase screw his way through the hospital-Debbie in accounting, Debbie’s friend, Cuddy, Wilson and House. I’m happy with the result, but it took a long time and a lot of whinging and whining to get there.


Caught In The Act
I’m listing this one twice, both under H/W and Wilson/Chase.
This might make an excellent housefic_meta recommendation, as it has no smut, but lots of plot and character development.
The same night I asked for prompts and ended up writing Cam/Cuddy smut, haldane offered a prompt of House catching Wilson and Chase doing something and thinking they’re having sex, but they’re not. It turned into really, really long story, focusing both on the House/Wilson friendship angst and the possibility of Wilson and Chase bonding. And there’s a hot twist toward the end.

kohlrimmedeye put out the call for her OTP of Wilson/Chase. (The woman has created a whole ship of out thin air and genius.) Former Sould Mate and I started writing almost simultaneously. She wrote French Toast and fluff. I wrote something a little darker.
Rating NC17.

Then it was suggested that our two stories were really part of the same story and we set about filling in the blanks.

My final story and the links to the all four are here.
Mirror Man

Wlson/Foreman-My Halloween Costume Fic

Five Musical Questions
Written for my First Annual “Come As You’re Not” Halloween Fiction Party (If you weren’t there, click HERE and read some AMAZING stories.)
It was my first (and probably only) attempt at the “Present tense, snap-shot” style of fiction which some people do brilliantly and I don’t. I doubt I'll be attempting the pairing again either, but anything is possible in fanfic land.


Scotch & Soda

Written for fallen_arazil in gratitude for creating a userpic to express my slogan for all smut: Hot and Well-Written Trumps Everythng. She wanted somethng involving House/Wilson and alcohol with possible Cuddy. I tried. It wasn't happening because of how felt about the boys at that point in the third season, so I came up a pre-show House/Cuddy in college story. NO SMUT. Another housefic_meta possibility.

A Matter Of Trust
House/Cuddy smut written for starhawk2005’s birthday. She wrote Slash for my bday, so I wrote some het for hers. She wanted House/Cuddy with forceful!House. It was a hard one to get a handle on, but the events of “Meaning” gave me something to work with.


I decided to see if I could become bi-fictional and delved into the het ship that H/W slashers tend to find most offensive, appalling, repulsive etc. I entered the hc_smut_a_thon and got the following prompt:

What she wanted to see wanted to see in her story:
1. Wilson watching the action and maybe 'enjoying' himself. *nudge nudge, wink wink*.
2. A sex toy. Can be anything, conventional or unconventional.
3. Cameron making House work for it.

Three things she didn’t want anywhere near the story:
1. Stacy
2. OOCness. But I'd prefer season 1 House to the uber!evil House of season2
3. Lab!smut. It's just been overdone

And then I wrote… My Aim Is True If the thought of House touching Cameron in any way, size, shape or form makes you sick, this will too. But I think I did a good job of writing “spiny Cam” and the prompt gave me lee-way to sneak some “stealth-slash” in there as well.

House/Cameron, Wilson/Cameron

Any Way You Want It
Written for the backsexy ficathon.
Prompt:“She yielded with a quiver that was like death,,she went all open to him…And oh,,if her were not tender to her now,,how cruel,,for she was all open to him and helpless! D.H. Lawrence. Lady Chatterly’s Lover

Beta-ed by kj_draft who has become one of my Het House-frau buds, proving that we can get along, no matter what kind of glasses we wear.

Slashers, I think you can enjoy this one. There’s a certain amount of “stealth-slash”. Plus desk!sex in Wilson's office.

Wilson/Cameron (but there’s also stealth House/Wilson)
Mission Of Mercy
Hate!sex inspired by the Wilson/Cam sniping in “Merry Little Christmas”
Very dark. Written in the first person as Wilson. I’m not sure I’ll ever do that again.
Rating: R
Angst-o-Meter (because of the H/W content) 4


Written shortly after "Sex Kills" inspired by a comment from Beta Goddess Carol.

House MD femslash pairings

Untitled Cuddy/Cameron smut
One night I was up late and feeling uncreative, so I posted to house_slash begging for prompts. The first one that struck my kinky fancy was something to the effect that Cuddy finds Cameron shaking her stuff in a strip joint. This was fun to write and I think it’s kind of hot, although not very “real”.

Cameron/Stacy drabble.
Rating-Adult for language

Cuddy/Cameron drabble
Rating-Slightly slashy
Who doesn’t like a little drabble about boobs?

Hot Water
Stacy/Cameron – Written for the house_femfest
Rating NC17-It’s basically a PWP, if you like that sort of thing. Special added bonus: Foreman snark!

Stacy/Cameron-Christmas gift written for kohlrimmedeye who wanted more Stacy/Cameron. I’m not sure how well this came out. Sort of an experiment in style.
Rating: R

F.C.C.-Foreman, Cameron & Chase

I hate the phrase "Ducklings". A LOT. I will stop reading a story in its tracks if I see the D-word, so I’ve coined FCC to describe them as a group.

Spring Fever Rated-G
Just a little vignette of FCC discussing the boss.

Misc. Drabbles
I really like the “Morphine” one. I love writing junkie!House.

Another in the same (ahem) vein.

Bedtime Stories
Six drabbles. The whole cast tries to sleep.


If you’re not familiar with Hugh Laurie’s work in the first series of Spooks (MI5 in the US), run, do not walk, to your local video store and get it now. I’d seen the eps before, but once I fell in love with Hugh as House, there was no way not to fall arse-over-teakettle in lust with Jools Siviter, head of MI6. Sleek, clean-shaven, well-dressed, epithet-dropping bastard par excellence.

Beta Goddess Carol and I truly fell in love with each-other while falling in love with Jools. I thought I was obsessed with House, until I started writing, living, breathing, lusting for Jools. I wrote my first Jools story for the fryandorlaurie rare-a-thon.
Smooth Operator
NC17-A story of seduction involving Jools and Danny Hunter.

The always delightful vanillafluffy requested Jools for her birthday and mentioned something about ropes. I was more than happy to continue my Jools joy with The Cost Of Favours and let things get even kinkier.

Put Out The Fire:House MD/CSI-NY Crossover

Because the completely awesome kohlrimmedeye a/k/a paperclipbitch said something about putting together Chase from House MD and Lindsay from CSI-NY, I ended up writing my first (and so far only) deliberate multi-parter. It was fun to write and I got to put some of my kinkier stuff in there.
Basic premise:Annette has been killed, Harvey is the #1 suspect, but he’s catatonic. Lindsay and Danny from the NY Crime Lab are on the case.

Chapter 1 PG13
Chapter 2 R for swear words.
Chapter 3 R
Chapter 4 G-but lots of snark.
Chapter 5 NC17-finally.
Chapter 6 PG13

Birthday request for Former Soul Mate
She wanted too see Mac needing something from Danny and Coney Island, if possible.
An Isle Of Joy
Graciously beta-ed by CSI-NY Maven gin200168.
Rating: NC17. Also includes mermaids.

Good Girl Blues
Lindsay/Stella-Itty, bitty little femslash drabble.
Rating: Implied only.

The Hugh & Bobby stories- RPS
On January 30, I posted my first story in my Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard RPS saga. My inspiration was the various glimpses we got of House playing piano in the first season. I had an image of Hugh Laurie playing Noel Coward songs on that piano while RSL watched from the couch. I never expected there to be anything past the first story, but there was so much more to tell and we’re still going.

I understand that some people find the idea of RPS gross, horrible, offensive, etc. They shouldn’t read it, but I won’t stop writing it. I pride myself on making these stories as “real” as possible, including mentions by name of real family members, significant others, etc. The more I do this, the more certain people get upset. There was a large brou-ha-ha at one point, so large that it ended up on Fandomwank, a proud week in my life, let me tell you. I especially enjoyed being called a “sociopath.”

Here is the entire series to date in order and YES, I am working on the next story in the series and YES, Ethan and Stephen will be playing major roles.

I LOVE writing these stories and especially the way Beta Goddess Carol has pushed me to keeping the voices “real” and finding the emotional truth, while keeping things HOT HOT HOT. She keeps sending them back until every detail, especially the endings are heart-rending and perfect. I worship her for it.

Wrap Party NC17
Like a Hurricane NC17
Fans PG13
Heat Wave
NC17-This is the one that wreaked havoc when it was posted at house_wilson leading to a poll as to whether RPS should be allowed there.
London Calling

Daily Show/Pundit Slash

If you think RPS featuring actors is kinky…I welcome you to the wonderful world of Pundit Slash and The Daily Show Slash, where the folks from the Daily Show regularly get involved with each other. (Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the House/Wilson of the fandom)
The communities can be found here : tds_rps and punditslash

My first foray into the fandom is this little smutty angstfest featuring Stephen Colbert and Keith Olbermann:
We’ve Got Tonight
As with all my RPS, family members and significant others are mentioned.

My first year of participating in the yuletide exchange.
My request came from sarahetc The fandom she requested was “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov, possibly my favorite novel of all time. She wanted something about Humbert and Charlotte’s relationship. I ended up writing this: Charlotte’s Web
I’m very proud of how this came out. Writing in Charlotte’s voice was completely different than anything I’ve ever done before.

If any is looking for a way to stretch themselves creatively, I’d highly recommend signing up this year.
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  • I had an awesome Halloween

    The bad news is that LJ is getting less and less functional for me in terms of being able to post pictures, especially since pretty much every…

  • Greetings to those celebrating our annual day of gluttony!

    Started the day with a 5-K on the Embarcadero Since my Sister-In-Law has shuffled off this mortal coil, there's absolutely no cause for…

  • Plan of action

    1. More love 2. More hugs 3. More service 4. More Bhakti/Kirtan 5. More Yoga 6. No Binging 7. Finish Yuletide 8. Finish 100 things 9. Finish…