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TV Babble for Numb3rs and Heroes

Numb3rs-Guilt Trip

OMG!!!! James Marsters

This was a vast improvement over last week's shoe-rubbish episode. I'm surprised that there was no pre-Squeeeeee on my f-list about Marsters making the appearance. It was one of those OMG, is that him? moments. It was and he was being all kinds of evil and looking very hot.

Extra points for Ray Wise being smirky and smarmy.

The opening sequence was a great example of writing/editing. Very well done.

Lots of fun bits, but what the hell is up with the whole chicken salad/roast beef dialogue.

"I never discuss another man's meat."

Oh really? What the hell are they trying to tell us with that? Furthermore what's up with the whole Foreman David trying to take over the department? Is Rob Morrow about to bail on another TV show?


Heroes-Trust and Blood

Being all kinds of fabulously evil and deliciously snarky. Aside from that one reallyreally obvious line where you could pretty much imagine the entire audience saying it along with the character, he was just all kinds of awesome. I'm not into Zach Quinto for the hot stuff, but he just made me all kinds of happy, especially with Luke. Whoooo-hooooo, underage slash vibes and a road trip.

This week was completely slash-tastic. Nathan and Noah, my OTP finally got real screentime together and plenty of charged moments. Peter got totally pissy with Tracy when they talked about her sleeping with Nathan, and when she was negotiating with Nathan the dialogue couldn't have been more blatant. "What could you have that I want?" "I have Peter."


Jack Coleman is way taller than Adrian Pasdar, which I'd never actually noticed before. I love them both so much. God the Pasdar voice is one of the sexiest things on the planet. I'd hit that so damn hard it's not funny. I know Nathan is the bad guy right now, but since it's Heroes that can change at any time. And honestly, I don't care. I'd like to get Zeljko Ivanek out of there. He just creeps me out in a non-fun way

Is Daphne really dead? Do I really care, or is it just a plot device to make Matt go all bad-ass?


I totally called that Nathan was talking to Angela. Mamma's boy. But I'd do him anyway. Preferably him and Noah at the same time. :)

At least this week, Heroes is a fandom I can love. Something that doesn't make me miserable. Something that doesn't make feel like I'm up against a rising tide of bullshit and I'm the only who sees it. Something that doesn't make me plan wakes for once-great characters, if you know what I mean.

I only wish it would last into May so it could still be going on when the coming horror of TW hits the screen.
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