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Happy House Day

Although the House-party has become more of a support group.

My name is Karaokegal, and I'm a House-addict, even though it makes me break out in hives and froth at the mouth.

Hello Karaokegal.

I will be posting new House-fic later tonight. One of my meme-requests for "Impossible Pairings" grew a plot. Stay tuned for Femslash (Stacy/Wilson Wife #1) H/W foreshadowing and (surprise!) lots of angst.

Sunday was pouring rain-no running, but I did get up to the Mint. It was crazy and busy, but not as bad as last week. I sang Rock Me Gently,Cry Just a Little Bit, Me and My Shadow and Don't Rain On My Parade.

I also texted with my friend Ivan and told him not to try visiting us that night, especially since he gets around on a scooter.

Today (day off for President's Day) I've been working on the NOVEL. For REALZ. I've actually pushed through into Chapter Five. The hardest part has been remembering that I have room to tell and show the story rather than needing to compress events. In other words there's stuff that's currently one paragraph, which I need to stretch out into full scenes with description and dialogue.

Note to fans and stalkers: If I make a comment to a secret, or a rant or a fic...it's probably my opinion. I honestly don't think every word needs to be tagged with IMAO or YMMY or even "I think..." You may think the opinions are b.s., but ragging on me for stating them without a disclaimer that it's just my opinion....kind of disingenuous. (Especially from the anonymous types who didn't bother getting up in my face about this one: Smushnames suck. Needing to explain them just compound the suckitude., but somehow felt a need to come in and attack me when my opinion touched on their sacred cow pairing.)
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