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Housebabble for Unfaithful

Wilson looked hot and there was a piano-gasm.....

We've got a another piece of shit.

I'm especially incensed because this could have been much better if they'd had Chase involved. YOU KNOW, the guy who actually went to seminary, and wanted to be a priest and has residual issues of faith to deal with, but still sides with GOD in House V God.

How fucking perfect would this episode have been with Chase and Cameron on the case instead of Doofus and Double Doofus. Was there a doubt in anyone's mind that the kid was lying or actually confused. FUCK YOU TAUB!!!

Did the patient remind anyone else of the patient from Whac-a-Mole by the way?

Toes falling off? GROSS!!!

Speaking of gross? Thirteen/Foreman kissing? EWWWWWWWWW.
Was anyone as offended by Taub's line about "being able to find the treasure without a map" as I was? I could see House getting away with that crap. NOT TAUB.

I liked some of House's exchanges with the priest until the priest got on my nerves and earned a STFU of his own. There were some very nice shots of Hugh's eyes.

The Thirteen/Foreman (and stop using the fannish smushname, House) was such hellacious bullshit. Who cares? Who really thought either one was going. Although I did fall for the "broken up" bit for a few minutes there.

The Cuddy baby thing-more bullshit. THIS is what House and Wilson have to talk about? Not even a transexual nurse, but whether or not House is going to go to religious social function? I call bullshit bullshit and more bullshit. What is this about? Showing up House's isolation? That's just H/W fodder. Did House actually admit to being hot for Cuddy when he said "I have a thing for my boss's thing?" How can I take Cuddy seriously when those bangs are still there and she was an absolute bitch to Foreman. She's the one who put him in that position. The letter would have been the least she owed him.

False AIDS test-and we're back to Role Model. (Plus a little Damned If You Do.)

Wilson IS looking hot. They really should do some Wilson/Cuddy just to get House's jealousy up and give RSL something to do.

Jesse Spencer in a yarmulke is too fucking cute for words, but I remain deeply offended that Chase only got that one scene playing relationship counselor/House authority.

BUT....BUT.....OMG----PIANO-GASM. Hugh Laurie, alone, as House, with scotch, playing piano. It's all there, and I still love him, even when everything else is falling apart. Because in spite of everything, that character is still there and I still love him.

And tell me how you watch that scene and see anything happy or fluffy happening to him with ANYBODY!!!!!

(If you really think Wilson went over afterwords and they had happy, fluffy sex, you are kidding yourself folks. Dark, resentful, jealous, conflicted sex...very possibly.)

Stay tuned for new House-fic.
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