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Special Tuesday Pimp Post

Now that we're out of the Holiday Weekend Vortex

Reminder: Children of Time awards, still open for voting.

Multi-Fandom Gen Battle is OPEN!

And (god help us!) an actual FLUFF BATTLE as well. If it makes you happy....


West Wing
One Of Those Things by babykid528. Written from the very first Song Lyric Prompt-a-Day
Josh/Sam-very angsty!

Life on Mars
Imperfect by travels_in_time. For someone new to this fandom, she is knocking them out of the freakin' park. Absolutely gorgeous Sam/Gene with a very knowing Gene, even if he can't truly understand.

Dr. Who
Black Ice Ribbons Her Liberty
Lucy Saxon fic, inspired by the recent snow in London. How much do we love Lucy, especially paperclipbitch's take on her?

Bastard!Jack fics. Torchwood/Dr. Who
The following were written or pimped to me following my recent plea for fics featuring the character I fell in love with as opposed to the pod!person that RTD, James Moran, GDL etc seemed determined to foist upon us.

I still have fics printed out to read, which will be pimped if deemed suitably bastardy.

The call is still out. If you've got something where Jack is real!Jack, I'm dying to see it.
Because based on current spoilers, I'm planning a wake. (I know there are spoilers going the other way. I'm afraid to believe it and in horror of what I'm likley to suffer through along the way.)

mad_jaks wrote this nice little bit for me.

51stcenturyfox reminded me how wonderful Kind of Tragic by paperclipbitch is.

I think this may be my most perfect encapsulation of Bastard!Jack in 300 completely EEEVIL words: Show Off
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