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More pimping....VAGINA FEST 09!

Being held at THIS POST until Sunday.

There is a seriously lack of female love going on in fandom lately. There's nothing wrong with slash, boy loving is hot and great and all but there is literally (pun intended) buttloads of it out there. And so begins Vag Fest! And yes, that is the name of the ficathon.

This ficathon is all about the porn, and all about the ladies. No male slash is allowed, but femmeslash is fine! I could go on about girl power and all that, but basically there just needs to be more vag in fic.

Leave prompts and respond to prompts, as simple as that. Your response can be pure sex or just sexy, it's up to you. Just make it all about her. ;)

- Comment to THIS POST with prompts. All prompts must use this format:

Fandom - Pairing - Prompt
example: Merlin - Arthur/Gwen - robes

- All fandoms are fair game, rpf/television/movies/books/video games whatever. Obviously, all prompts must either be male/female or female/female pairings. Solo female is fine as well. Characters must be of legal age.

- Suitable prompts are words, places, settings, colors, what have you. This bit is flexible, just try to keep it vague enough that you're not practically writing the fic itself already!

- Multiple prompts are great, leave as many as you like but keep it one prompt per comment. Also if you plan on posting a lot of prompts, be nice and answer a few others as well.

- Reply to prompts here. Multiple responses are great, and you can even respond to your own prompt if you like.

- The limit on comments is 4,300 characters. Try to keep your response all about the porn but if your muse strikes and your piece turns into a longer fic feel free to link to the rest!

- LEAVE FEEDBACK. Seriously, we're all comment whores at heart and feedback encourages people to write more!

- The fest will end in a week, Sunday, February 22nd at 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time. But I won't beat you if you post a fic a minute or two after. :P

If you have any questions please pm the mod, please don't reply to this post with anything but prompts, responses and feedback.


REMINDER---Don't comment with prompts or fic to my LJ, I'm just pimping! The fest is happening HERE!!!!

ETA: Here's my first contribution: Some Gene/Alex Ashes to Ashes smut
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