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This & That & (of course) some Karaoke

I just finished an LJ catch up that goes back to last Friday. I don't do much LJ reading on the weekends and my regional manager was in the office almost all day yesterday so you get that picture. I owe many of you comments on your awesome fics, and yeah that means you kohlrimmedeye along with others. I've got a ton of stuff ready to hard-copy and will read and comment as soon as I have time to get it home and absorbe all the angsty-hot goodness. It might take a few days.

Having Regional Manager in the office yesterday as a pain in the arse, but she was also here with new Region Office Employee/Floater, who looks to be a large improvement over the previous version. I'm working with him on Friday and will know better then.

I went to the Mint last night for what I thought would be "hit and run" karaoke, but ended up staying late with fabulous karaoke-babe and LJ-er blueashke. Late in this case being-about 9:00PM. Got home in time for "Countdown" and the horrifying discover that about 4 pages of H/W angst-fest in progress has disappeared from my computer. Somehow the title it was saved under now has 11 pages of my latest RPS in progress which is also strangely saved under it's original name. So while I'm waiting for House tonight and inbetween Squuuueeeee-ing (if appropriate) over the new ep tonight, I'll be trying to recreate that. Luckily some of it was hand written as well. It's going to be a major piece of work complete with canon and back-story so I need to get back at least to where I was.

What I won't be singing at Karoake again: Time Passages by Al Stewart. Great song and after the first verse I was almost on key. And then we came to the instrumental. One minute and twenty-three seconds. Somehow it never sounded quite that long when I listen to the CD. That's a long time to do nothing people. Unless you're prepared to play air guitar or do an interprative dance (hi starhawk2005) one should never do a karaoke song with a instrumental of one minute and twenty-three seconds or anything even close. In the immortal words of my friend Alan, "I've done that song two times, the first one and the last one."

And as a follow up to my previous post-Here is Donatello's website with the pictures of him as a child performer with Tony Orlando-Just to prove that neither of us is delusional. (Which doesn't mean we're not, just not about this.)

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