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Rambling Prose-Rainy Sunday Style-Includes TV Babble

WAVES AT STALKER! (Seriously honey, if you're that obsessed with me, and I think you are, you might as well come over and friend me.)

It's raining and I'm not running. I know I should do it anyway. I could sign up for a run and it could be raining and I'd have to go out and do it, although I've blown off a few on account of rain as well. But the fact is I only got to the gym two days last week, one treadmill, one weights and the food is still out of control, so I should be out there putting in miles and I'm not.

I was going to go yesterday, but I was waiting for hubby to meditate and he never got around to it, so I never got out.

We did go to Samovar for brunch, which meant a whole pot of really good Earl Grey as well as their absolutely killer Curry Egg Salad Sandwich. I was going to do the English Tea service but they were out of the Shitake Mushroom Quiche and the Salmon Quiche is too salty for me.

Then we went to Imagiknit, so hubby could by some silk yarn and use the ball-spinner. That sounds dirty, doesn't it?

Hubby is seriously obsessed with the crocheting right now. Watched and listens to pod-casts about it. Reading books. Talking about it. He's so cute!

Then we hung around the apartment until he went out to get the bike. Meanwhile I downloaded a bunch of stuff for us to watch with Ivan.

We went out to a fabulous dinner at Il Cantuccio and then came back here.

Ivan is my wonderful, funny, sci-fi geek, straight, former marine, history geek, running buddy.
We've known eachother since about 1994 when we worked together at Getz Travel. We always have fun together or hanging out with hubby.

I plugged the computer into the wide-screen tv and we watched the following:

First he had me go to Youtube so we could watch an episode of Fillmore.Have you seen this? It's a cartoon parody of a 70's TV cop show, done in perfect deadpan Quinn Martin style, only it's about the Safety Squad of X High School. The single funniest thing is that the characters are all name after Streets of San Francisco.

Then we watched the Dr. Who Confidential with the 11 reveal.
Ivan is an Old School Who Fan (mostly 4 and 5) so he really enjoyed the clips from previous Doctors. He agrees with me that it's all about the scripts and especially the companion and he's equally happy that it will Moffet in charge and not RTD.

The Next Doctor

It was the second time I'd seen it and this time I was paying much more attention. Ivan was happy that there was no Kylie i.e. no love interest and was amused by the tacky looking "cyber-beast" costume. I enjoyed the scenes with Tennant and Morrisey, but was even more put off by whatever RTD thought he was saying about strong women wanting to be liberated. Also, the falling plot anvils were so incredibly obvious, you wonder if this man actually knows anything about story-telling. But the ending was made of awwwwwwww. EXCEPT----Fuck you Doctor, they don't ALL LEAVE!!! Some of them hang around on earth waiting for you for 100 years, while you're running away and moping over someone else, you miserable bastard.
On the other hand, STEAMPUNK! BALLOON! Christmas Dinner. AWWWWWWWWW

The TW promo

-The properly edited, non-vomitous version.
Awesome. No idea what's going on, but as long as it remains properly edited, life will be good.
Especially if Jack and Gwen are giving each other those looks that let us know that they're ones who have an actual emotional bond, no matter who or what else they might be involved with.
Thank god I have friends with editing skills to take care of me. It's the only way I'll be able to deal with this at all.

GAH!!!!! The love. The love. THE SHIRTS!!!!

Then I turned Ivan on to TV TROPES which has become my latest obsession. I clicked on "Random" and it came up with Stephen Fry! How cool is that.

Since he is into Manga/Anime I also told him about Hetalia. As a history guy, he was pretty appalled but as an Manga/Anime geek, he was somewhat intrigued.

After he left (no, not because of Hetalia, it was getting late) we finished watching

Heroes-Building 26

Good stuff-Bastard!Nathan, Noah delivering a verbal smack-down on whiney-ass Claire, Mr. Muggles!!!! Sylar/Luke. This may be the first Sy-ship I can get behind, presumably because it's got the age-inappropriate factor, and I'm suspecting will turn out to be incestuous, which is pretty run-of-the-mill for this show. I was a little worried about Sylar going schmoopy with his daddy issues, but bad-ass serial killer Sylar came through to save the days. Awesome.

Bad stuff-Indian wedding plot. Bad Bad Bad Bad. Apparently Annapoora is Hindi for Maya, and you know how well THAT worked out. This alone has the potential to drag down the rest of the season. PLEASE. MAKE IT STOP NOW!!!

Meanwhile, back at the Bennet house...great acting all around. Jack Coleman, Ashley Crow, and Hayden Panetierre all played beautifully. Indian food? Sniff. Was that supposed to be a tie-in from the Annapoora plot?

I thought it was Nathan who let Tracy escape as well. Good going Hunter. You've finally impressed me, although I'm also wondering if he's playing both ends against the middle and is "Rebel." It has to be someone on the inside, right?

I think he's got his own little obsession with Nathan, although maybe I'm just projecting there.

Peter, Mohinder and Matt kidnapping Noah? There's some kink waiting to happen.

Definitive answer, my ass.

Still raining. Project for today is as many of the "Five Things" essays as possible.
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