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Monday Pimp Post

Our delightful, delicious and like-wise de-lovely hllangel has made a fabulous batch of political/punditry icons which can be found HERE!

She has also, and oh so deservedly been nominated for an award for her video Jack Harkness: The Man Of La Mancha. GO! VOTE!


Apparently some people think that House MD is still a wonderful show, every bit as good as it was in the first two seasons and that the Newbies are in any way the equals of Foreman, Chase and Cameron. They'd also rather NOT hear anything that contradicts this opinion. They've even started a new community for that purpose.

Here It Is!


In case you haven't had enough crack in your diet this week.... Mall Bags by secondsilk. Typos meet snark and the result is....you gotta see for yourself.
Awesome Jack/Owen implications.


Where is everybody? Come on peope....Bastard!Jack fics, Song Lyric Prompt Stories, comments on my Housefic? Stalkers? Bueller?

It's quiet out there...too quiet.
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