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House Babble for The Softer Side


I had a comment discussion with michelleann68 the other day where I was longing for a scene where for some reason House had to shave. WHOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO. Clean-shaven, well-dressed HOUSE! YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM.

Dope!fiend House in the House as well. Pure painful angst. House is willing to do ANYTHING to stop the pain, which is physical AND emotional and Wilson for all his caring can't do a damn thing, AND he ends up ratting out House to Cuddy again. (I still say that the Wilson/Cuddy/Baby connection is beefing up House's emotional pain, driving him to this.)

Yeah, that was one of a hell a sop to the fluff-crowd wasn't it?

So what the hell was the point? Just to somehow legitimize the vicodin addiction and take any kind of future detox attempt off the table? Make Cuddy look weak and pathetic again, as well as put her in another UGLY dress? I liked their moment at the end, but it doesn't really push H/Cuddy forward.

Interesting that Wilson's first guess is House/Cuddy sex. Damn, he's an obsessive, jealous bastard isn't he? He also didn't like seeing the hooker at House's place watching him sleep. (Wants that job himself as well.) And the initial sight of House out of pain threw him for a loop.

But let me say it again...holy, motherfucking God, Hugh AS House, clean-shaven.....GAH!!!!!!!!!
On top of last weeks piano-gasm....Every time I think I'm out, they keep dragging me back in.

Meanwhile-----STFU----Foreman, Thirteen, Taub, Kutner, ESPECIALLY THIRTEEN!!!! Last week it was Taub and now it's 13. I know everybody lies and House likes to expose them (even got shot because of it) but you guys are too stupid and pathetic to do it, so stop already.

I kind of liked the kid at first and then he went all emo-mopey and lost me.


Was mom Janice (Matt Parkman's wife) from Heroes?

No Cam or Chase, but they throw in a stray Clinic nurse who has Cam's exact blonde hair look?


YAY Clinic Duty!!!

In the end, the show is about House and his pain, a drug addict and his enabler. In this case both of them. As a H/W shipper I resent Cuddy taking that spot, but I also know there's as much tension between Wilson/Cuddy over House's pain as there was between Wilson/Cuddy in the MLC period.

Lots of love---But they'll always end up hurting each other.

And in two weeks....didn't we see that episode already in the 3rd season when it was called The Jerk?

And boom goes the dynamite!
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