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Marsupial Meme-Yes it really exists.

Ganked from babykid528

During the latter part of Meme-A-Day 2008, I became convinced that the perfect "What Kind of ______ Are You?" quiz would be "What Kind of Marsupial Are You?" because I was sure no one would ever do ANYTHING quite so ludicrous. Thanks to babykid528 we now know that NOTHING is too ludicrous for the internet. (Points to Icon) I'm happy it exists, but kind of sad too, as I felt it was my own personal delusion and would never get made. Does anyone have any way of finding out how this one came to be? In other words is it remotely possible that I did inspire this, as opposed to it not being all that unusual an idea?

I was hoping to be a spiny echidna, although I'm not sure if they are marsupials or not. So far everyone I know has come out Wombat.

ETA-OK, the Wombat streak has been broken. There are other Marsupials among my F-list

Your result for The Which Marsupial Are You Test...


Congratulations! You scored 19!

You're a Wombat! You spend your days wrestling and living underground. You have big scary claws, but would never hurt a fly, cause you're squishy and lovable. People like you because you look and act silly. Wombats seem a bit scary at first, so it takes time for people to get to know you. Once your humor breaks the ice though, everyone wants a piece of you and your big fat belly. Most Wombats become ice cream truck drivers or stand up comics.

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