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Who says Karaokegal doesn't like fluff?

I got your fluff, right here.

Link provided by the lovely hllangel who was also kind enough to post a special translation of Bobby Jindal's "Republican Response" to the President's speech last night for those who are not fluent in BULLSHIT!

As you may have guessed, I loved the President's speech! I actually heard it before I saw it because I was so dizzy last night I ended up taking a cab home just as he was going on. I sounded great as well. The man has a VOICE! Then I watched it and all the punditry along with hllangel. Much as we love Anderson Cooper, we're MSNBC girls, so we got what sounded like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews practically shipping Obama and Hillary, Rachel Maddow absolutely speechless at the BULLSHIT of Bobby Jindal, Ana Marie Cox saying "genitals" and the double historian whammy of Michael Beschloss on Countdown and Doris Kearns Goodwin talking to Rachel, basically saying "OMG!DUDE!AWESOME SPEECH!" (No, really, I'm pretty sure that's what Doris said, including the "Dude" part.)


I'm no fashionista, but I'm truly appalled that Nancy Pelosi didn't have anyone around to tell her NOT TO WEAR THAT DRESS. Nobody looks good in that color and the thing itself was appalling in the extreme.

Barbara Boxer's Catholic Schoolgirl look did her no favors either.

But Michelle Obama looked awesome and Hillary looked great. Pretty in Pink all the way, baby.
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