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Nancy Pelosi's fashion advisors have redeemed themselves.

She looked great during last nights interview with Rachel. Very nice orange-y number, and her hair looked great. Also the lighting was much more flattering to her. Plus I saw her on tv this AM while I was at the gym and she seemed to be working a very nice little scarf. YOU GO NANCY!

And dudette...Whoooo-hooooo....NO FUCKING IMMUNITY! These bastards are going to pay. Start making plans to decorate your jail cell, Gonzo!

As they say on the Rachel Maddow Show: Scrub-Rinse-Repeat (Because this is going to take awhile.)

More good news: Portugese Water Dog. MAYBE. This could be the most utterly adorable thing in the White House, EVER! How much do we love Michelle saying the girls are going to have to do their own doggie pooper scooping?

On the other hand, it was sort of funny in a super awkward way when Keith and Margaret Carlson actually had to discuss it last night on Countdown. I mean Rachel's interviewing NANCY PELOSI and Keith is discussing the fact that the girls want to name the dog "Moose." DISCONNECT!!!

Keith also told Craig Crawford that he had a Twitter account, but couldn't figure out how to use it. (I'm sure Ana Marie and Rachel could help him.)
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