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"Unchain My Heart" Torchwood/House MD Owen/Chase NC17 Wordcount 500

Title: Unchain My Heart
Fandom: Torchwood/House MD crossover
Pairing: Owen Harper/Robert Chase (Mention of Jack/Owen)
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 500
Warnings: A bit of kink. Spoiler if you still haven't seen Fragments.
Notes: Written for enemyfrigate who offered and produced bastard!Jack in return for some Owen/Chase. Unbeta-ed so feel free to jump in.

Summary: Owen's still trying not to care.

Out of town doesn’t count and you couldn’t get farther out of town than Princeton, New Jersey.

Not that “in town” meant anything either. Within his first month at Torchwood, Jack had taught Owen how much sex could help alleviate grief, and how little any individual encounter meant in the long run. Now Owen treated sex as his own personal ret-con, using random bodies to forget that Katie was gone and what his life had become.

Owen hadn’t necessarily been in that bar looking for a pick-up, but he wasn’t going to turn one down, especially not a young man who'd made his interest obvious with the first offer of a drink and whose accent indicated that he’d come an even longer way than Owen to be there.

Eventually there was an exchange of names and the coincidence that they were both doctors, but frankly names and professions were facts to be acknowledged and misplaced as soon as decently possible. It was easier that way, and Owen only bothered repeating the name “Robert” to himself so he could say it during the night if it became necessary.
Robert, who hadn’t been the least bit coy, while looking at him in the bar, seemed to have something on his mind now that they were in his apartment, kissing. Owen had his hands in Robert’s hair, fine and soft under his fingers, while Robert was pulling Owen toward him more tightly, groping at his buttocks with a sense of urgency.

“Owen,” he whispered, with just a hint of hesitation.

Owen wondered if this was about to turn into some variation of “I’ve never done this before…” He wouldn’t have minded that, really. Beginners could be fun, although not if they were in a crisis over their sexuality. Jack had gotten him through that the first night. Friction was friction and concave wasn’t any better or worse than convex.

“Yeah,” he replied, reaching under Robert’s shirt, finding smooth skin, hard muscles and a bit of fuzz.

“Would you mind tying me up?”

He hadn’t been expecting that, or the candles and the request for hot wax, but what truly took him by surprise was how moved he felt by the sight of Robert with his hands over his head and wrists bound together. The fact that Robert had made himself vulnerable to Owen, that he’d looked across a room and decided that Owen could be trusted, to do this to and for him, was incredibly arousing. His cock was so hard from watching Robert’s body squirm in pain-induced pleasure that he didn’t know how much longer he could last, but he promised himself he would, and that when Robert pleaded for release and spread his legs to give Owen the signal, he’d make it one of the best fucks Robert Chase had ever had.
That’s what Jack would expect of him and Owen tried not to disappoint Jack, although in some ways it was impossible not to.

He’d definitely remember this one.
Tags: fanfic, nc17, owen harper, robert chase, torchwood
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