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It's hair day!

It's also the 4th consecutive rainy Sunday in a row. The Governator has declared a water crisis, so I guess it's not enough.

New month. Hopefully a chance to get the whole food/sugar/caffeine thing under control. I feel like I've been in a haze since I got back from London, although things had broken down long before that. I just need to gut out that first week, especially day 3 and 4 which are always the bad ones.

I did get out for 6 miles yesterday, so at least I haven't stopped moving.

Speaking of need to do...MY CLOSET...since I didn't do that on New Year's Eve, it's just been looming as this impossible task that needs to be faced. There are thing in there I need to find or at least determine if they still exist or not. Maybe tomorrow night. MAYBE!!!

And speaking of things to do...the Novel is stalling again as I face the panicked feeling that a story with a large amount of internet talk that doesn't feature Twitter and people on their Blackberries all the time is already dated. It's supposed to be set in 2007, with the early days of the 2008 primary season and Barry Bonds breaking the home run record as back-ground cultual references, but even assuming I finish it this year...how dated is it and do I need to pull it forward and change the references and get the Twittering in? There's an internet death hoax involved a well. Would that be different in 2007 than it is now? Is 2007 too close or too far away if I try to get the book published (or at least find an agant) in 2010. And why am I futzing about this crap instead of just writing it?

Newest distractions: TV TROPES (I've figured out how to edit) and Cubis (I've figured out how to play with my touch-pad mouse.)

A few more pending fanfic bunnies that I can't quite kick to the curb. An AU RPS that I've owed for over a year that I might try to finish as a bday present. Post-ep angst fic for The Softer Side. Ianto/Tosh fic (kind of.)

Stacks of fic to read so I can do some pimpage on Monday.

Watched a bunch of stuff yesterday and last night to TV babble to come for CSI, CSI-NY, Numb3rs and Heroes-HEROES MADE ME VERY HAPPY!!!!

Note to self-take benedryl before you go and don't forget the flat iron.
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