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Community reminders:

omni_fiction-Fan fic for grown-ups and anyone who doesn't feel they should have to warn or be warned for every possible activity. Also the place for fics in fandoms that don't have another home. Always looking for more members and more diversity of fandoms.

torchwood_decaf-If you're looking for Torchwood fic that doesn't feature J/I. Bring on the Jack/ABI, the Ianto/ABJ, and fics with all the other wonderful characters who get might short shrift in the wake of the canon so-called pairing.

ppth_support-The place to post fic about all the wacky patients, annoying clinic-patients, family members and folks who only exist by mention (House's "funny" uncle, Wilson Wives etc.) We hold a weekly drabble challenge as well although you are free to write any length of fiction about any eligible character at any time. This week, the drabble challenge features TB or Not TB.
Got a Sebastian Charles fic just waiting to happen? Or maybe something about Mandy, the clinic patient with the cat allergy? Bring it on.

I haven't pimped this lately, but I refuse to give up hope either. Come on people...Jack/Vaughn, Syd/Ana, Marshall/Weiss, Will/Sark. I know the show is over and sort of "locked", but there's still tales to tell from within the canon.

cheer_and_fly-My latest extremely guilty pleasure. It's a Heroes comm about well, you can figure it out. "Fly" doesn't mean West. Yes, I'm sick puppy. If you are too, check it out.


Fic pimpage

Starting with two answers to my call for Bastard!Jack fic, to try and redeem the real character before the final destruction and neutering that I'm convinced lies ahead.

Consolation Prize by coffee_kris. The first part of this gets Jack spot-on from Ianto's perspective during Meat. i.e. Jack wants Gwen and doesn't give a shit about Ianto. (K-gal does the happy dance.) Then there's some Ianto/Andy revenge sex which will make the Andy fans happy, as well, but for me it's really about the opening section. Recced to me by 51stcenturyfox.

Playing The Line by enemyfrigate. THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE! Ianto is totally a b.u.f.t here and Jack was never conned by him for a minute. MAJOR LEAGUE HAPPY DANCING ENSUES! So far only one part up, but go immediately. Read. Give love. Encourage more. MORE MORE MORE. There can NEVER be too much Bastard!Jack until there is actually parity between real!Jack and the schmoop-crap being perpetrated.


Between Each Click
by lady_rilwen
Pairing: Mousepad/mouse
Rating: PG
From the delightfully crack-a-licious comm anthropomor_fic.

Life On Mars

Hot Smut from candesgirl. I don't know if it even has a title. Written for severinne's bday.



Basically this is pure smut playing to most of my favorite kinky boots especially when it comes to LoM smut and the thought of Gene Hunt talking dirty. WOOF!


House MD

The lovely tourmaline1973 presents us with some heart-rending, deliciously angsty House/Wilson. GAH! This hurts in the best way possible for anyone who see House and Wilson as the utterly dysfunctional pairing they truly are. I Saw You


Speaking of kinky boots....

Hot ORIGINAL smut from _tallian_.

Seriously sizzling people... This way to the hot stuff.


And one from the Chelsea Drugstore Vaults

As You Are
House/Chase dub-con, with Wilson/Chase as well.
2nd season fic, slightly crack-ish and angsty too book. Based on a vision I had of House/Chase as Sonny/Carly from GH because the first time I ever heard the phrase Hate!sex was regarding the first Sonny/Carly sex scene. This reflects a lot of the "usedandabuse!Chase" and "Chase-on-his-knees" tropes that used to dominate the House/Chase fic, and certainly affected my image of the characters.
Tags: barely utilitarian fuck toy, bastard!jack, fandom, house md, house/chase, life on mars, pimping, torchwood


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