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One Benedryl was NOT enough!

Not when I had to deal with these two:

I call them Fluffball and Devil Cat and they don't like me much either.

By the time my hair was done, I was sniffling and my eyes were totally puffed up. NOT a pretty picture no matter how good the hair looked.

Then we went to brunch and into the city for Karaoke and Peggy's birthday party. Peggy had been talking for a few months about actually shaving her head. She's gone from longer than me to shoulder length and I was under the impression she was celebrating by going the Full Monty. I was wrong. She's got an awesome short cut. Think Rachel, but less on top. Looks great. She decided to do it because she's not going to dye her hair anymore and didn't want to go through growing the whole thing out.

Of course as someone who is still wearing it long and fighting the fight against my roots AND my gray hair, I feel slightly defensive. Sorry. I'm not ready to go short or natural.

Hubby was there for awhile and my friend Bob and a bunch of Peggy's mega-cool friends. There was also another party in the house, including Eric, who has the most amazing falsetto. Everyone was nice and fun and it was a good crowd. Happy happy. I got a lot of writing done. I really want to finish this fic ASAP. It's kind of Tosh/Ianto, but it's really all about Bastard!Jack.

Song list-Without a Song-Frank Sinatra. I need to give up on that one. I can't do it well at all.
Bad To Me-Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas
This Could Be The Start of Something Big-Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme-Duet with Peggy
A Must To Avoid-Herman's Hermits
Rosalita-Bruce Springsteen
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
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