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The Five Things Meme!

I know, I know. Everybody else has moved on to the WIP Meme, but it took me awhile to get these all written up.

Ganked from drunken_hedghog. I also got topics from hllangel, babykid528, and 51stcenturyfox.

Comment to this post and I will give you five subject/memes that I associate with you. Then post this to your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

There was some overlap among the topics, and some that I chose to group together.

Life On Mars Requested by 51stcenturyfox and hllangel.

I came to LoM by way of the Barrowmania. Dr Who to John Simm to Life On Mars. I’d seen the promos on BBCA, but missed the first episode and therefore didn’t see any of it. For this, I’m now grateful, because it means when I did finally see it, I did it from downloads with no cuts and no commercials, pretty and saw it all within a few weeks.

Like any self-respecting angsty slash-fan, I immediately swooned for Sam/Gene, up-against-a-filing cabinet, but I also liked the gentler Sam/Chris dynamic and my first fics in the fandom were Sam/Chris fics written for mmom before I’d even seen the whole series.

I also dove into the John Simm/Philip Glenister RPS pool when I didn’t even know if anyone else was writing it.

I love the series for the brilliance of the concept, the execution, the writing, the acting, the angst and humour, and the fact that they did it all in 16 episodes, and OH MY GOD that ending. No spoilers, but seriously, best ending EVER. It’s perfect.

I am in love with the characters, none more so than the Guv, the Gene Genie, DCI Gene Hunt. I love Sam, Chris, Gene etc, but I AM IN LOVE with the Guv. What Philip Glenister did with the role is mind-boggling. Like Simm, Glenisster is not “classically handsome,” but he acts himself sexy and Gene is a sexy, BAMF!!! I would do him in a freakin’ heartbeat, preferably with the Camel Coat on.

I love the Fandom. People have preferences in shipping and obviously Sam/Gene is the main pairing, but you know what? It IS a bifictional fandom and no one gets pissy if you include Sam’s attraction to Annie in the fic, or take it into consideration in analyzing various episodes.

At a point where the Torchwood fic is deteriorating due to the canon so-called relationship, the LoM stuff is smokin’ hot, for ALL the pairings and the writers seem to have a generousity of spirit. I’m not reading as much as I’d like just because of time, but I wish I could.

Which leads to Ashes to Ashes. SIGH! I liked Keely Hawes as Zoe on Spooks, and I want to like Alex Drake. After one series-it ain’t happening. She’s just plain annoying and the plots aren’t as intrinsically griping as Life on Mars, but I could ship Gene/Alex because OMG Gene is Gene and when he LOOKS at her a certain way? GUH.

I love the music in both series and I’m old enough to kind of remember 1973 and REALLY remember 1981. Another reason A2A bugs me, because Alex’s wardrobe is wrong for the year it’s supposed to be. But I’ll be there for the next series, just to see Gene and to keep up with the fandom.

The Mint requested by hllangel

I love singing. Always have. I use to drive my parents crazy singing along with jingles on TV. (And I can still do most of them from memory.) The bad news is that I don’t have a great voice. I have moxie and pizzazz and big belter lungs, but lots of problems with pitch especially when it comes to ballads. I’ve various classes and it always comes to same conclusion. I can “act” a number and I can do up-tempo pop stuff to great effect, but that’s the limits of my talent. I can’t hold a part doing harmony and I could never get parts in the school musicals.

Karaoke is perfect for me, and the Mint is my perfect place.
I’ve been going there for over ten years. It’s walking distance from the apartment.

It’s my Cheers, my club-house, my hide-away, my home-away-from-home.

Even when I’m in a bitchy, “when am I going to sing” mood, I’m happier there than almost anywhere else.

Here are some of the cast of characters, present and past:

Sebastian-My first Mint-buddy. He noticed me there a few times and started talking to me, and it turned out we were kind of kindred souls, both obsessed with singing. He has a massive collection of karaoke disks and has parties at his home. Because of Sebastian I started buying my own disks so I could sing songs that they didn’t have at the Mint.

Sebastian also helped me realize that I was meant to be a red-head. We still hang out together ever Sunday, and have hair-day every six weeks or so. We used to sit in the lounge

Rachel-She also helped me become “one of the gang” early on. Rachel for many years was “Queen Of The Mint.” Our mother figure if you will. I very big, black out and proud lesbian. She’d hit on all the pretty girls who came in, and at least once a night get a bunch of “her” girls up on stage for something like “The River.” She was always supportive of my singing, even when we both knew I wasn’t very good. Just a great, larger than life figure.

Her memorial at the Mint was one of the most emotional events I’ve ever experienced, and there are times where someone does one of what I still think of as a “Rachel” song, that I’ll catch Daddy Dave’s eye and I know he’s thinking the same thing.

Rich-OH RICH! He hasn’t sung at the Mint in years, or anywhere that I know of, but I miss him desperately. It’s a crush/obsession that was the verge of stalker-dom on my part, but there’s just so long you can keep that up and I’ve sort of run out of steam. (Except of course that the Novel is among other things my K-Gal/Rich story.)

He’s my classic example of the perils of fag-haggotry. We had so much fun hanging out, talking about obscure show-tunes, bonding over snark etc, that I ended with this massive crush over a short, older man. I fell in love with his charisma and insecurity.

Come back, Rich. I miss you.

Nobody sings Mr. Cellophane like Rich.

Peggy-I always seem to have one girl-crush going on at the Mint. Peggy is one of the nicest people I know, and still capable of snarking it up with the best of us. She’s tall, beautiful, gay and I don’t stand a chance because I’m too femme. Go figure.

She’s also got an awesome voice. Beautiful, rich, flexible. She can sing anything with anyone. (Duet slut!)

We have so much talking 70/80’s pop culture and I can also cry on her shoulder about my food issues and count on her for exercise advice.

Vince-a/k/a Rockin’ Vince. Master of the 8 ½ minute song, even when the Mint is packed and people are waiting over an hour to sing. He sings. He bounces. He sits at the bar wearing ear-plugs. I’m pretty sure he lives on Planet Vince and might have severed heads in his back-pack.

One of most interesting things is that his repertoire is mostly composed of Rolling Stones, Queen and Led Zeppelin, essentially singing songs by three of the most overtly sexual male performers in the history of rock and roll, and he is one of the most asexual people I’ve ever met.

Lots of people at the Mint get pissed about Vince’s long song propensity, but I feel a certain kinship. The boy loves his karaoke. He’ll even sing to an empty bar. I can’t do that, but I do relate. I always tell Sebastian that Vince is one of us. Sebastian is still pissy that Vince started singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” when Sebastian considered it “his” song.

Daddy Dave-Sunday afternoon KJ and bartender several nights a week. Sweetest guy in the world. Classic country fan. Great sense of humor. Member of the Mint Hawaiian Shirt cult. And an actual Daddy. I’ve literally seen his kids grow up, which is pretty damn scary for me. If you ever come to visit me here in San Francisco and I take you to the Mint, we should try to do it on Sunday so you can meet Daddy.

Puppies-requested by babykid528

Well, it’s not just puppies. I love grown up doggies too. Something about the sight of almost any dog sends me into a flurry of cooing baby noises, but puppies themselves seem to have a direct connection to my central nervous system. I see them and I want to reach out and touch and cuddle.

As some of you may know, I have less than no interest in children. I don’t find them cute. I have no desire to have them. The sight and sound is annoying at best.

But puppies turn me all smooshy and gushy.

Sometimes I think there’s some weird glitch in my DNA profile where the baby-love gene got switched out for a puppy-love gene.

The saddest part is that I’ve never owned a dog. If I’d actually had to deal with the reality of poop and pee and walking and feeding I wouldn’t have them so idealized.

Burn Gorman request by 51stcenturyfox.

I have to admit to being a late-comer to loving both Burn and Owen. Obviously I got to TW from the Barrowmania so I was very focused on Jack when I watched the first series and wasn’t paying that much attention to Owen.

His first real impact on me was NOT the famous, endlessly wanky NON-RAPE in Everything Changes, but OMG!HOT up-against-a-tree moment in Countrycide and then his charm and sweetness with Gwen later on in that episode after she’s been shot and of course the sexing up at the end.

I absolutely loved his dirty thoughts in Greeks Bearing Gifts and I truly adore his treatment of Lord High Self-Righteous Whiney-Butt in Captain Jack Harkness and End of Days, followed up by one thing I will never back down from: Owen’s forgiveness hug in End of Days was far more sexually charged than the Jack/Ianto kiss.

In the second series, I thought Burn Gorman did an amazing job with the post Reset “dead!Owen” situation. His work in “Dead Man Walking” is absolutely gut-wrenching and far superior to whatever it is that his fans think GDL is doing that is worthy of merit.

I also will never back down from my feeling that the Jack/Owen subtext, especially from Fragments is being very deliberately overlooked by certain shippers who refuse to believe that Jack is really Jack. (If I have to hear that “Jack sees Owen as a son” piece of crap one more time, I’ll have to slap a bitch.)

John Barrowman and Burn Gorman have chemistry. Pure, simple, I want to fuck this man, chemistry.

Since the end of TW S2, I’ve seen Burn as Bill Sykes in Oliver and was blown away by his intensity on stage and his ability give some humanity to a character who I generally played as a sub-human thug.

As for looks, Burn may not be the classic matinee idol that Barrowman is, but he has a craggy ugly-handsomeness that reminds me very much of Willem Dafoe. And I do love that wiriness. Meanwhile, some people really need to lay off the scones.

I haven’t seen the new Wuthering Heights yet, but I’d like to, even though he has to play one of the most thankless parts in literature. I’ve bought Layer Cake, because even though I’ve seen it already that was before I saw Torchwood so I can’t remember Burn’s part at all. (I did love him in the first two or three minutes of Colour Me Kubrick.)

I seriously hope he goes on to have an amazing career as a giant fuck you to RTD.

Working out/Running/marathons requested by hllangel, 51stcenturyfox,drunken_hedghog,babykid528

You can change your pants but you can’t change your genes. Genetically I’m programmed to be slug on a couch. I come from a long line of short, fat Jewish women, with low blood sugar. There’s also a tendency toward chubbiness on my father’s side and my father himself fought the fat/body image fight all his life and in my opinion it killed him.

I’m always fighting my inner slug, but I’m terrified of ending up like my father or my grandmother, who’s in a nursing home, essentially immobile and not particularly at home mentally anymore. Gotta keep moving.

In the 80’s I even went through a aerobics phase, including the obligatory leg-warmers. What can I say, it was the 80’s and that was where I got turned on to Roxy Music and Bronski Beat for the first time.

By the late 90’s I was in really bad shape physically and had a “road to Damascus” moment involving a red dress and some video. Around the same time, I met my friend Ivan and we decided to do Bay to Breakers together, which he was going to do anyway because at that point he was training for his first marathon with SF FIT. It was seeing him at the end of the San Francisco marathon and the crowds and the enthusiasm and the sense of accomplishment that made me want to do that.

At this point, I’m trying to go to the gym at least three days a week, run long at least once a week and train for some 10-K’s and half marathons. I don’t think I have 26.2 in my legs anymore, but I gotta keep moving, because I’m fighting the genes and I’m fighting myself.

High and low-lights from my running “career”

My first Marathon: Las Vegas-2000.
This was when I still thought mixing travel, running and hubby was a good idea. Since then I’ve realized that the only important thing to do the day before a marathon or half marathon is NOTHING and that hubby in a new town does not want to do nothing.

So we spent too much time walking around doing stuff the day before. But I did manage to get up in the morning and get on the bus leaving for the middle of nowhere, where the Marathon was starting from and where they port-a-potties were set up, but the toilet paper hadn’t arrived.

Five am in the middle of the desert. COLD!!!! Cold. Cold. Cold. I think the bravest thing I’ve ever done in my life was take off my coat out there. BRRRRRRRRR.

Since this was my first marathon, I was still learning things. Like friction. Sleeveless shirt and no body-glide.

Keep in mind that my training left a lot to be desired so when I crossed the 18 mile marker I was going farther than I’d ever gone in my life. Somewhere around 21 miles, I realized they were taking down the cones, and I started trying to run faster which was a bad I idea. I started freaking out and tried to sprint for a water table and then gulped too much water. More bad ideas. I somehow finished, staggering in with the medical van trailing me all the way.

Hubby met me at the end and pretty much dragged me into the medical tent to be treated for heat exhaustion, dehydration etc. I had my first Marathon finish, but it took over 6 hours and it wasn’t pretty.

It hasn’t gotten much faster or prettier since them.

San Francisco Marathon-2000.

I didn’t finish. I was undertrained and over fed and the route basically went by my apartment. I gave up at about the 14 mile mark and went into a depression that didn’t fully lift until I finished the San Francisco Marathon in 2001. That also took over 6 hours, but it got that particular monkey off my back.

San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon-2002

I have the worlds worst sense of direction. The route for Rock N Roll doubled back on itself at one point so there were two streams of runners going parallel and I decided to turn with one group instead of the other. Next thing I new I was seeing the 22 mile marker which would have been hunky-dory except the previous thing I’d seen was the 8 mile marker. So I had to go back and retrace my steps and ended up running MORE than 26.2 miles altogether.

Bay to Breakers-Naked People. Costumes. Flying Tortillas. Alcohol.

Race to the Far Side-The one I do every year with Ivan no matter what, including the year that he’d been to his brother’s wedding the day before.

Running with my former training partner Allyson. (She moved to LA and had a baby.)
We used to jog past the beach at the presidio and say hi to all the doggies, especially a springer spaniel named freckles who’s markings made him look like he was wearing pants.

Training with SF FIT, which I finally got it through my head that I would NEVER be one of the fast ones, but everybody was always nice andd someone always waited for me to come in, even if most of the group was already eating pancakes at Baywatch on Lombard before I got back.

My last full marathon, Nike 2004
Hills in San Francisco. Who’d a thunk it, especially that it would start out on the Great Highway with one long hill that kept going and and going and going. By the time it evened out and we were down by the Presidio, my legs were already burned out and it never got better.

I have no idea how I got through the middle part at all and when I got back into the park and onto the Great Highway again, I felt like I was going to die. Ivan met me out there somewhere and basically talked me through the last four or five miles, walking with me the whole way and talking about war movies and keeping me from laying down and dying.

I made it, but as I said, I’m not ever going that far again.

Now I’ve got my Ipod which I can put on shuffle instead of futzing around with Walkmans and tapes and BATTERIES! I walk one song, run one song, walk one song etc etc, and with some good long training runs, I feel I can keep doing 10-K, 12-K and half marathon races for a good long time.

Gotta keep moving!

James Wilson requested by 51stcenturyfox

If the House fandom is somewhat factionalized between the people who will always take House’s side and those who will always take Wilson’s, I’m a House girl. Pure and simple. I love House. I love Hugh Laurie as House, and even when House pisses me off and treats Wilson like shit, I tend to side with him.

That said, I love Wilson. I came to LJ because of House/Wilson. I think the character at least in the first three seasons was brilliantly written and Robert Sean Leonard’s work in the part has been grossly over-looked.

I also guilty pleasure ship him with Chase and would still have liked to see the hate!sex with Cameron that MLC was suggesting in the wake of their competition for House, because as we know, the only time Wilson really has power in the relationship is when he has a woman to threaten House with, and it kills House a little bit more every time it happens.

I think House and Wilson are one of the greatest dysfunctional relationships in television history. I’ll never believe they haven’t had sex, and I’ll never believe they can be truly happy together. Wilson is one fucked up son-of-a-bitch. THAT’s why he’s with House, even as he’s hurting House and himself. It’s what makes him appealing and appalling and sexy as hell, especially when RSL is looking as good as he has been lately.

I’d hit that like a speeding locomotive, but I’d still side with House in the end.

Politics/Pundits/Rachel Maddow requested by 51stcenturyfox and hllangel

I come from a long line of left-wing, liberal democrats, including some card-carrying communists. New Yorkers, CCNY socialist, civil rights, Jewish etc etc. I’m dyed-in-the-wool Democrat and proud.

Vague memories of being at a Carter rally in 1976 with t-shirts that said “Grits and Fritz in 76.” In 1980, I started a long primary losing streak, that went along with the party’s. 1980-Edward Kennedy-I ran across a police barricade in Maywood, NJ to shake his hand. 1984-Gary Hart-A week before the New Jersey primary, Gary gave a speech where he said “Lee is lucky. She’s going to California. I have to go to New Jersey.” Thanks Gary. That’s when I knew he was a loser, and this was long before Monkey Business. 1988-It was my first year in San Francisco and I was too worried about survival, but I remember crying my eyes out on election night, talking to my father who was trying to comfort me.

And then came 1992. Salvation! Although it took a while to get there. At first hubby and I liked Paul Tsongas and then Jerry Brown, but I pretty much fell in love with Bill Clinton the night he was on Arsenio Hall. I even wrote what was essentially Southern Gothic fanfic about Bill as a jazz musician and me as dope-fiend Mary Sue. (Did I mention Mickey Rourke as the evil sheriff?)

Of course, we always knew what we were getting into with Bill Clinton. We did not buy a pig in a poke. He was a womanizer and Hillary obviously knew that. If I knew what would happen, I’d STILL vote for him.

2000 and 2004 are still too painful for me write about.

But once again, we are coming out of the wilderness! Hallelujah.

Pundits-In the 80’s and 90’s, I watched Washington Week in Review, McLaughlin Group, Capital Gang, Crossfire etc. I was out of fandom and it wouldn’t have ocurred to me that I was really “shipping” any of the pundits, but I did have weird thoughts about some of them. Especially Eleanor Clift because she was so in love with Bill Clinton. I vividly remember her saying “He’s a very attractive candidate” during the 92 primaries and hilarity ensued and I thought “Hmmmmmmm.” Since those shows were always set up adversarily with “Crossfire” being the most obvious, there was always a certain amount of what could be considered sexual tension.

After 2000, I pretty much checked out of politics and punditry the way I had on regular Network TV after the Twin Peaks Trauma.

When I came back to fandom via LJ in 2005, one of the things I latched onto was Daily Show Slash, which led to pundit slash where I found Sizzling Hot fic by dream_aloud about Anderson Cooper and Keith Olbermann, which is got me actually watching Countdown and Hardball and found a bunch of my old friends from the 80’s and 90’s shows. My father had always admired Olbermann for walking off The Big Show when it became All Monica, All The Time.

It was so good to a true, unabashed liberal voice again at point where even CNN was very cowed by the Bush administration and the fear of being too partisan. Sometime after the first year of my watching Olbermann, hubby and I started noticing Rachel Maddow as one of Keith’s fill-ins and asking ourselves…Is she??? And then it turned out she was and she was totally awesome. I have the biggest girl-crush on Rachel and when she and Ana Marie Cox on together, you can feel the chemistry.

As painful and scary as parts of the 2008 campaign were for me, I felt so good knowing that Keith and Rachel et al were there for me. Although since I was very late on the Obama bandwagon and hanging on to Hillary till almost the bitter end, there was some rough nights, especially when Keith special commented her.

Then Rachel got her own show and Barack won the election and all I can say is let the good times roll. I ship the pundits and the politics and I regret NOTHING.

Writing-Novel & Fanfic requested by drunken_hedghog

Aside from the weight issues and left wing politics, I also inherited the writing gene. The family lore is that mom was working on a novel while I was in utero. Novelists, poets, journalists, etc My dad was PR genius and my mother wrote fanfic (she was my first beta) until she actually became a published author.

I wrote Star Trek fanfic back when we still had paper zines. I used to make up stories for my friends, which were basically Mary Sue’s tailored to whoever their current crushes were, and eventually I wrote some of those down as presents.

In 1995, I wrote a mystery and and actually managed to get it published. The world was very different then, mostly because publishers still had money to spend on mid-list books.
I had a three book deal with Avon and the first book did get a few nice reviews, but by the time the 2nd one came out there was no one left at Avon who had anything to do with buying the first one, so they had no investment in me.

I schlepped up and down the West Coast doing as much of my own promotion as I could and it wasn’t enough. Or the books weren’t very good. Harper Collins bought Avon and by the time the 3rd book came out, they weren’t paying any attention at all. I was left to twist slowly, slowly in the wind.

I started a new novel with a new character in 1998, but it took so long to write that mores and technology kind of ran out on me. When I started the book, it was all about Usenet. USENET!!???? Also the main premise of the novel was that an American leading man might be considered a suspect in the murder of the columnist who outed him. I still think it’s possible, but less and less so.

After 20 rejection letters from agents, I gave up. It was really painful and I’d had a complete loss of confidence.

Just around then, I saw the first season of House and googled House/Wilson slash and found LJ. After six month of reading the fic and seeing all those comments I wanted in. My first attempt was pretty poor (House MD/CSI crossover) but it did lead me to Beta Goddess Carol and all the joy and pain in House MD fandom (and Torchwood et al) that has come with it.

Special note for the two writing joys of my life-The Joolsfic and the Hugh and Bobby stories. Those were completely wonderful, absorbing experiences, where I was able to live in my happy place as I wrote them, and the editing/beta process was happy as well.

I’m trying to wean myself away from the fanfic and work on the new novel, which I mean to finish last year, but life got in the way. I’m afraid technology is running away again. I started the book in 2007 and wanted to set it then with references to Barry Bonds and the early months of the election, back when Hillary Clinton was the favorite to win the nomination. A lot of it takes place on a pseudo LJ and involves fanfeuds, shipwars, and an internet death hoax along with a “real” murder, but I don’t have people using Blackberries and Twitter. I think if I can finish it this year, I’ll be ok, but otherwise, I’ll have to push the date up and get those references in.

The Novel was originally sparked by the pain I felt over my "LJ Divorce." I'm also worried that I'm too far away from the worst of that pain, so it may be just as well that I'm incorporating the new Ship-war pain, although I'm still using the Novel to eviscerate Former Internet Soul Mate.

The fanfic writing has become somewhat less satisfying, as the two main shows I write fic for have deteriorated and the fandoms have splintered. Strangely enough, I was able to write “moody fic” aimed at certain people in the House fandom back in 2007 and still get a good response. Now I feel like the fluffers are actively boy-cotting and you probably know what’s going on in TW fandom. I’m not going to be coy, I think my TW fanfic, especially my Jack fic is really good and I also think that because it reflects a fanon that some people can’t stomach, there is less interest in it, than in bad!fic that feeds the need of the Kool-aid crowd.

I do love writing in my new fandoms (LOM, State of Play etc), but I’m not as absorbed as I was in my early House or Torchwood days.

This may still be a good thing. Being completely deprived of comments may be the only way to completely walk away from the fanfic and really focus on the Novel.

Shipping requested by hllangel

I suppose my first “ship” was Captain Kirk and Janice Rand. What can I say? I was young and I wanted the handsome guy with the pretty girl. The whole OTP an shipping wars such as Harry Potter and X-files really got institutionalized while I was away from fandom. When I came back because of House/Wilson, I had to learn a whole new language and it honestly hadn’t even occurred to me there were competing ships in the House fandom. At that point, I was a pretty arrogant H/W “how can you not see it” kind of bitch.

Eventually I embraced bi-fictionality and even wrote House/Cameron, because I read really hot H/Cam smut fic and because not all the House/Cam shippers were batshit crazy.

Also, after the 2nd season, it became clear to me that any fluffy H/W fics were ludicrous, so my shipping of them became darker. They are my OTP---and they can never be happy together. It’s weird, but that’s my position.

I don’t really want to rehash the Jack situation here, but my views are fairly well-known at this point, including my pain over the situation as someone who considers herself a slasher. Being in the position of hating with every fiber of my being a “canon” slash relationship sucks.


Because Jack/ABI > J/I

Because of this anguish, and the knowledge that it’s the kool-aid drinkers who are responsible for it, I’ve become much more open-minded going into new fandoms. I love the Gene/Sam upagainstthefiling cabinet passion in Life On Mars, but I also ship Sam/Chris and have written Sam/Annie. I love the lack of ship-war mentality in that fandom. And Punditslash/Politics. That’s right people who write about politics and journalism are more open-minded that Torchwood fans. Hope you’re proud of yourselves, guys.

Robert Chase requested by babykid528

I wasn’t instantly taken with Chase. I was so fixated on House/Wilson that the original fellows didn’t really interest me much. I think I got interested in Chase more because of the fic than the show itself, especially Hangman which was one of the uber House/Wilson, Wilson/Chase, House/Chase uber-angst fics and also incorporated a lot of usedandabused!Chase. Something about that really caught my eye.

Like many people, I was upset with Chase toward the end of the first season because of the Vogler situation, but I wasn’t one of the people who hated him in the second season for Hunting. I thought the methsex was hot and I was also very intrigued by the House/Chase and Wilson/Chase possibilities. There was also a fic called Penance by acidic_flower, which is another (ahem) seminal Chase-on-his-knees fic, that I fell in love with.

So we have first and 2nd season Chase with his daddy issues, his religious issues, his twisted relationship with House and even more twisted relationship with Cameron.

Then in the 3rd (God, was it that long ago?) the Half-Wit hug as well as various sexing up with Cameron. I hated the way Cam treated him in that situation, but I still loved him, and the fact that he got the solution more than the other two and that House got to respect Chase so much he had to fire him.

I almost wish that Chase hadn’t come back in the 4th season because he is being given so little to do, but it’s worth it for the good moments such as bookie!Chase and bowling!Chase and OH MY GOD Hypno!Chase!!!

Of all the characters in the series, he is the only one who’s REALLY been allowed to grow. House and Wilson can’t change no matter what, and Cuddy isn’t being allowed to, the Newbies aren’t worth discussing, but Chase ROCKS!!!

I love House and Wilson, but in n a way, Chase is character on the show I currently respect the most. If anyone deserves their own show, it’s him.

Hubby, and the wonderfully sweet way he comes across in your LJ requested by drunken_hedghog

18 fabulous years together, even though we spent our most recent anniversary at the nursing home where he was recovering from the motorcycle accident.

He really is just that sweet and wonderful, in spite of stuff like the Utilikilt and nonstop instrument purchases.

He puts up with more bullshit from me than anybody should have to endure and if you think I’m crazy now, you should have seen me twenty years ago.

We met because of NA and AA and pretty much fell in love on the first date.

No matter what we’ve been through, mostly my mishegas and his occasional injuries, we somehow get through it. Right now, we’re sitting here re-watching Journey’s End, (Davros, take a chill pill!) while I work on these essays and right now he’s KNITTING. This morning I went for a 6 mile run/walk and he meditated.

The rest of my life may be going to shit from time to time, but hubby is a safe constant for me.

Trivial Pursuit requested by babykid528

There was a time when I absolutely RULED at this fucking game. When the first Genus came out in the 80’….I was so good, that eventually no one would play with me. My weakness was science/nature, but I could usually finesse it by getting to the pink questions.

I would play for hours with bff Jan and when Hubby and I got together we played from time to time.

But I’m not that good anymore. The brain ain’t what it used to be, and as I told you once, the whole thing I a bit tainted by the fact (as I’ve recounted before) that I actually put my fist through a window when bff Jen beat me.

So I still like playing, but I’m not longer invincible and it’s no longer one of my defining qualities.

Fandom requested by drunken_hedghog

I grew up in Star Trek/Science fiction fandom and wrote fanfic when the zines were on paper. I gafiated when I was in my late teens and only came back to identifying myself in that way because of the House leading to LJ.

It’s so different now because it’s so much more intense and immediate. Put up a story and get instant feedback. Post a comment on a secret and have people all up in your face within minutes.

But it’s not that different. There was plenty of pain and anguish and bitchiness and back-stabbing back then too. People are people, right?

I love being on LJ and in my various fandoms, even if that doesn’t always seem to be the case. Where else and how else could I have met the people who all came together for the Squeeeeee Odyssey, or the people who in a very real way were there for me during the Motorcycle Accident Crisis of 2008.

On the other hand, the world would be a better place if more people agreed with me.

Loud and proud – your "this is what I am and I ain't changing" personality. requested by drunken_hedghog

One more family trait. Strong opinions. Never backing down. Never letting go. And you know what, why should I?

If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it, as I did the day after election day, when I admitted that Obama was a better candidate than Hillary, and that the country was better than I’d given them credit for.

But when I know I’m right…no quarter given, no retreat baby, no surrender.

Of course that's easier to do here in the relative anonymity of cyberspace and about what is rather frivolous stuff. At work, I often KNOW I'm right and still have to put my paws and surrender because that's the way it goes.

Pop Music requested by babykid528

What can I say? I love happy, well-crafted pop songs. I’m especially fond of the early 60’s, and especially, especially British pop groups and singers that never really broke over here, or songs that were never the biggest hits.

I grew up listening to Top 40 radio in the 70’s so I’m also a sucker for that stuff and then you have my early 80’s MTV phase, all of which ticket my ears.

I was also a big fan of the Frank/Dean/Sammy/Bobby Darin WNEW AM 1130 in New York, when I was in Jr. High School, old movies, big band swing etc.

If it wasn’t for hanging out at the Mint I wouldn’t hear anything the least bit contemporary, so I’m not really in touch with any new stuff.
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  • Shetland!

    Jimmy/Duncan I need to start reading fic immediately. I need to *not* start considering Yuletide possibilities. Done is done. (We started Hinterlands…

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    Probably my last one, unless my work schedule and priorities change drastically. Thanks to all my writers, recipients, betas and hand-holders.…

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