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How smut-obsessed & kinky-booted am I?

So there I am having a pleasant day on-line, and one of my fellow LJ-ers who writes amazing smut in the CSI-NY fandom, opens a chat with something along the lines of "sex written...Hawks to watch". I knew she was writing Mac/Danny smut, which always makes me happy, and because of the second half of the sentence, I assumed she was including the character of Sheldon Hawkes in a voyeuristic situation and my kinky bells starting going Ring A Ding Ding. Except that wasn't what she meant. She was telling me that she was going to watch the Seattle Seahawks play (American) Football. And it's not like I don't know she's a rabid fan or that there was game on Sunday.


I was totally engrossed in a smut project of my own (Wilson/Chase) and wasn't even aware that last night was the night, so thank you skyblue_reverie via rivers_bend for giving me the heads up. Once again Hugh was the high point of the evening. He should be giving lessons in how to give wonderful, self-deprecating, adorable acceptance speeches. And of course as for what he said about who and in what order...lets just say it made my Hugh&Bobby 4-Ever heart very, very happy.

I was also very pleased with the Helen Mirren love for BOTH of her Queen Elizabeth roles.

Any night I get to see George Clooney looking yummy is a good night.

I was really too busy to pay much attention, but special mention must be made of the true horror that was Cameron Diaz in black hair and blood red lipstick. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. And Hugh Grant, I love ya to death honey, but for godsakes, please comb your hair before you go on the telly.

And some karaoke-
I did a double shot on Sunday-going early in the after for my buddy Frank's bday party-me and like 30 thirty guys from the Gay Men's Chorus-major diva fest. Then I had to run home and wake hubby up with dinner. I'd been planning on bring home sushi and gyoza, but the place by the Mint didn't open and I had to get KFC. He loved it, but I felt totally evil. After hubby went to work, I went back up to for about four more hours and ended up with one my favorite show-stopping pedophile songs "Young Girl" by Gary Pucket and the Union Gap.
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