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Heroes-Cold War (Yeah, I'm a week behind.)

A/K/A-Holy shit, the slashiest episode EVER and it didn't even have that much Nathan/Peter. But it did have...Peter/Mohinder/Matt with Noah TIED UP in a motel room. Black and white flashbacks. Matt "penetrating" Noah's mind. Noah/Nathan----Whoooooo-hoooooo. Nathan in a tux....double whoooooo-hoooooo. Mohinder-YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK! Matt and Mohinder get into a lovers spat. Matt LYING ON TOP OF MOHINDER!!!! Flying. More flying. A little Peter/Nathan. Zeljko doing his Zeljko thing. "You hardly touched your prime rib." Noah attempts to seduce Zeljko. It doesn't work, but tell me that's NOT what he was trying to do. Noah gets tied up with duct tape. Noah is or isn't in cahoots with Angela. Who cares? Seriously, I loved every fucking minute of it. No Hiro. No Claire. And I hadn't even noticed the lack of Sylar until the promo for next week. I like Sylar/Luke, but I honestly didn't miss him AT ALL.

Pretty much the only thing that could have improved this episode would have been a Noah/Nathan kiss Claude appearance.

TWoP was bored shitless. I was in fangirl heaven.

Numb3rs-Cover Me

I'm going nuts. I STILL can't tell Liz from Robin. I swear to god they look exactly the same to me, so I have no idea which one Don is supposed to be involved with, making this episode extremely confusing because I wasn't sure if it was Don's girlfriend acting like a total dumbass or an ex-girlfriend.

Was there ever a doubt in anyone's mind that the undercover DEA agent was going to be using? Do they think we never saw "Rush" as much as we might wish we never had?

What the fuck was up with the gratuitous strip scene? Was that supposed to be fanservice for teenage boys or girls for that matter? Did Aya Sumika march into someone's office and demand the opportunity to flash some flesh? Was it a product placement for Victoria's Secret? Was I the only one grossed out and offended. (Aside from jealous of the bod.)

You know you're in trouble when the best part of the show is the Charlie/Alan/Amita subplot about basketball. You also know it when they mention Larry, but don't actually have him on the show. Plus Amita/Alan talking about Amita/Charlie's relationship? SQUICK!!!! Although one is almost tempted to write some Alan/Amita because...one is like that.

CSI-NY-She's Not There/The Party's Over

Both of those titles describe how I'm starting to feel about this show. All the things that ever had me emotionally invested are gone, and the show itself isn't that interesting or well done either. There's nothing left to ship. It's like Danny and Mac have never even been introduced. I'm not getting the Danny/Flack vibe anymore. The pregancy plot-line has destroyed Danny/Lindsay and while it's kind of cute, I can't imagine going anywhere with Stella/Adam.

About the only thing that's kind of hitting my ship buttons right now is (don't scream) Lindsay/Sid. I know, she's pregnant, he's creepy, but they had a moment in She's Not There that kind of gave me a little frisson of shippitude.

Otherwise, all the plots are just leaving me numb with the jump cuts and the bad music montages and the ocasional squickitude.

No, I wasn't overly impressed with Adam bonding with the OCD kid either.

Things are so bad, I'm actually starting to miss Britchick, because much as I hated her, and I did, at least she lit a bit of a fire under Mac, which had a domino effect of igniting Danny/Lindsay/Flack/Stella et al into individual paroxysisms of angst.

Bones-The Princess and The Pear

OH GOODY! Time for Bones to do their obligatory Sci-fi/Comic Con episode, since we've already had one on Numb3rs, and god knows how many other shows that I'm not dredging up right now. All the cliches about Sci-fi fans, fandom, SCA types etc.

Although I gotta say of all the "rotating interns" I'm actually warming up to Mopey Guy, Sweets was kind of fun and I even like Agent Perrata, simply because she seems to have a little flirt going on with all the characters, including Hodgins and Bones.

Aside from the annoying stereotypes, kind of fun.

This is still the show I watch that I can pretty much enjoy no matter what's going on, except when the go hyper-emotional or a little too squicky with an SVU type plot.

There are rumors that Stephen Fry will be back for a Gordon appearance. I want to see a Gordon/Sweets show down so badly.

30 Rock-St. Valentine's Day/Larry King

It just gets better and better. Who'd have ever thought that Alec Baldwin would be that amazingly able to laugh at himself, that Salma Hayak could be hysterical, or that I'd ever love a sit-com again?

"I'm so mad I'm yelling at you in Spanish like Ricky Ricardo!"

We rewatched The Stolen Earth/Journey's End.

Question to Old Who Viewers...Was Davros always such a freakin' drama queen?
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