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Because I'm a wench, but I'm not an ungrateful wench...

This is the complete list of loot I acquired in the way of gift-fics over the holidays. I love them all and all the people who wrote them for me, whether it was as a deliberate gift or part of a secret exchange like Yuletide. I've started to love the gift fics I get here more than any of the goodies I acquire in the real world and am happy to re-pimp these to you, my f-list. However, if you see my Hubby, tell him I really, really love the Ipod.

I'm too dizzy from hunger to trust myself with doing the LJ cut thing right now, so I'm just going to post the links.

In the yuletide "Obscure Fandom Secret Santa Project" I received some very shiny Jools in the form of this Spooks fic featuring our own and only Jools Siviter, making life miserable for Tom Quinn and making me very happy in the process.

From the lovely and talented Djinn a/k/a fallen_arazil, whose abilities at both insta-drabbles and LONG LONG LONG (like where's the last chapter already) fiction are beyond my comprehension- I got a bit of my favorite kind of confection: Hate!sex, (Ok, angry!sex, but close enough) featuring House&Wilson and it is so good and nasty you gotta love it.

In the santahouse_md Secret Santa exchange, I asked for hate!sex (I'm easy) and I got a very nice bit of Chase/Wilson angst, with a nice hurt and angry Chase giving Wilson something to remember before the next wedding. I'm still not sure who wrote this, so if you're out there and want to reveal yourself...please do.

And finally Wilson/Chase angst from the queen and virtual creator of Chase/Wilson angst paperclipbitch a/k/a kohlrimmedeye I was a complete pain, she wanted a prompt and I ask ed for Chase-based angst AND Chase in Black AND offered up the lyric prompt "I have had many times, I can tell you, times when innocence, I'd trade for company." She came through big time, giving me everything I wanted and more. Go read it and show her some LOVE, people:
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