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Housebabble for The Social Contract

All right, all right....Schmoopy/Fluffy House/Wilson shippers....You got this one.

This week, we could really see the love. On both sides. In spite of Wilson saying some incredibly hurtful shit, including the claim not to love Monster trucks and House being as Wilson said "a dick." OH...and House putting the patient ahead of Wilson's brother reunion. But hey...if you need to have a week of fluffy, schmoopy, happy lovey-dovey fic....go to it. Have a ball. This week, they gave it to you. I'm surprised they didn't start going at it in the elevator.

Other than that...Hugh looked fucking HOT in that scene with the...morgue, or where-ever he made Taub bounce the ball. RSL has an Emmy reel for his next attempt. Cuddy's scene was fun and at least once again she had some brains, and Lisa E.'s smile in the elevator was cute.

Minimal Thirteen made me do the happy dance, although Cameron only appeared via shout-out and Chase only got one scene. I loved Chase's part in the scene, until it became obvious it was only so we could have some anvils falling that basically recapitulated what House said to Amber on the bus.

Strangely enough, Thirteen is less hideous in small doses. Keep her at that low level and I might start hating her a little less. Plus Foreman had a nice twinkle about him. Kutner and Taub are a boring comedy team and OH COME ON... Taub playing Raquetball with Wilson? Yeah, I thought it might be true, but again, only to give House a chance to be hurt by Wilson having other friends.

I did like the case EXCEPT when it became clear that it was ONLY there for the anvils. I KNOW it's not that different than the connection between Patient/Wife and House/Stacy in Failure to Communicate, but that didn't feel quite at blatant.

The kid playing the daughter was very good.

I'd say this one gets kudos for lots of H/W, an interesting case, minimal 13 and House still basically being a bastard. Loses points for subtle as a moose's erection writing.

ETA-Following my back and forth with California Quail, here's what I mean by the difference between subtext and over-statement. I absolutely loved the way House shooed Taub out of the office as soon as he brought up the possibility of Wilson being depressed. House knows about the anti-depressants and we know he knows. He's clearly protecting Wilson there. Taking an action that shows how much he cares without having to spell it out.

The Chase scene...."He's going to lose his wife and family and if he finds a friend he'll drive him away too." OUCH OUCH. ANVILSSSSSSS!!!!!! Come on, people. Especially when it's so close to what he said on the bus with Amber. OK, we get it.

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