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This little ditty just came over the office email from the VP of the company


We have a very clear policy, spelled out in our Handbook, regarding selling merchandise, distributing literature and soliciting fellow employees: these activities are not allowed in any of our offices. Please take a moment to re-read the policy and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I appreciate your cooperation.

Employees may not sell any type of goods or merchandise on Travel Agency’s premises for any purposes at any time, whether commercial products or homemade.

Employees may not solicit or distribute literature to visitors on Travel Agency's premises purpose at any time.

Employees may not solicit or distribute literature to fellow employees during the working time of any of the employees involved. Working time is that time during which either employee who is soliciting, or the employee being solicited, is working or expected to engaged in work matters. Working time does not include scheduled or authorized breaks, lunch periods or the time before the start or after the end of working hours.

Employees may not distribute literature to fellow employees in work areas for any purpose at any time.

The above policies with regard to employee solicitation and distribution do not apply to the sale, solicitation or distribution of the products or services of Travel Agency to its clients or customers.

My guess is someone was trying to hustle their little darling's Girl Scout cookies and someone else pitched a fit, but now I'm dying to know exactly what was being sold or distributed.

I also like the intricacies of the policy regarding what is and is not work time, because I can just see who's ever got the "literature" ready to pounce as soon as it's not work time anymore.
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