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She's climbing out the window, isn't she?

I got an extreme case of grabby hands at the Virgin Megastore yesterday. I went with a list and things were already close the post-apocalyptic state of chaos, so I went totally haywire and spent WAY TOO MUCH money. Including buying a Heroes action figure of Claude. I just could not resist. I also got one more copy of John Barrowman Sings Cole Porter to give away. And the rest was just...grabby. Lots of Robbie Williams and a bunch of other stuff.

My other errands for yesterday were to pick up the new pill-pack, run by the office to make sure I didn't miss anything when I was running out to get to the movie on Friday, go to Site For Sore Eyes to arrange an eye check up on Monday and then go to Virgin. After that I went to the Mint to see Frank. He's got 10 weeks of severance when the store closes and he's trying to decide what to do next.

We did our famous duet of "Bad Blood" and I also sang "Soolaimon" by Neil Diamond. I might try it again today. I haven't sung it in ages, and I think I've finally go a handle on it.

Hubby came to meet me there and hung out awhile and then we went to Fog City Diner. It was my first time riding on the back of the bike since the accident and it was freakin' cold out there. We did have a fabulous dinner and then came home and watched "Religulous" which was one of the DVDs I picked up during the spending spree. I do love Fog City Diner, but since I blew so much at Virgin, I felt very squeamish about how much dinner cost.

This morning I got up a did about 6 1/2 miles.

Just watched Boom Town. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I do love Tennant, but there are just some line readings that Tennant could never pull off. Like the one I used for the header. The tone changes in Boom Town are amazing and each one works perfectly. I'm even warming up to Jack's bad 80's hair.

Right now I've got The Unicorn and the Wasp. Another awesome piece of work. I'm not saying the whole 4th series had to be Earth Time Travel with famous people, but Fires of Pompeii and this one are far superior to Planet of the Oud or Midnight or any of RTD's other "message" stories.

Interesting thought...Margaret calls Jack "flyboy" and Donna calls the wasp the same thing.
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