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Babble for Heroes and Numb3rs.

Heroes babble for Exposed

I really had only two things to say about this episode: 1. Sandra Rocks! The Sandra/Claire stuff was totally amazing and the expression on Claire's face when said "I didn't hear anything" was actually adorable. The whole underwater breathing/kissing was so-so, but Claire/Mom kicked all kind of ass. And the ending bit with Doyle showing up? HOLY SHIT!!!!

#2-Woobie Sylar Sucks! Never again do I want to hear him say "Mommy!" in flashback or otherwise.
I'm actually sorry the Sylar/Luke roadtrip is over. It was kind of fun.

Heroes babble for Shades of Grey

Sylar's father is the fake psychic from Numb3rs, so now we have two former Numb3rs guests on the show, although not together. The scenes were good, but I'm not clear that we actually learned anything more moved the plot forward. What exactly did Sylar decide to do going forward?

Even when Nathan is being a dick, I love him. Pasdar is such a sexy mofo, and when he's doing his bastard thing I love him most of all. Plus he and Noah are now sharing scenes and totally having eye-sex, it's full speed ahead on the Nathan/Noah ship. Whoooooo-hooooo.

Doyle! Creepy, scary puppet guy actually made me feel sorry for him and creeped out at the same time. David H. Lawrence XVII, is an amazing actor. I was really impressed. Especially that little look he gave Claire at the end. Way more interesting than watching Claire get the job of being the babe at the comic book store because all comic book readers are stereotypical comic book geeks. *eye roll*

Angela Petrelli is still made of awesome!

I really hope we're done with Danko, but now that Nathan's been "outed" I doubt we've seen the last of him.

OK, as much as I've cest-shipped Noah/Claire, now I totally cest-ship Claire/Nathan, which is an even faster ticket to hell, but that last scene....come on people.

And STFU Mohinder. Even when you're not on screen you piss me off.

Matt Parkman baby???!!! WTF? But very cute Hiro/Baby moment. Although I think that's gonna get old very quickly.

Numb3rs babble for First Law

Well that was half of a great episode and I'm thrilled they gave Amita something to do. It would have been nice if they'd had an actual ending besides "jealous wife" and if they hadn't had to resort to "woman in jep" a week after the big, offensive strip down scene.

Numb3rs babble for 12:01

What the fuckety, fucking, fuck!
First of all, it was very clear last week that ALAN was supposed to be the head coach for the basketball team. So why they spent the whole episode trying to retcon that is beyond me.

But never mind that. OK, I actually LIKE the basketball plot, BUT was it really in any way appropriate to have it take up that much of the episode in the obligatory "countdown to an execution" episode that every crime drama HAS to do at some point?

I understand the need for comic relief, but it was just weird and felt like they were completely trivializing whatever death-penalty issue point they were trying to make. I'm glad Charley can multi-task but Don actually seemed to be the only person who was treating the situation as though it were more important that the freakin' basketball game.

And bringing in ringers at the end...so not cool.

Bones babble for Bones That Foam

That was gross, but very cool! I like the British guy and it was way fun watching Booth get a lap dance. Also, Sweets trying to teach Bones to have empathy...hee. But I wonder if any of that is set up for the return of Gordon.

Anyway, nothing personal, nothing squicky. Nice fun, gross episode.
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