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Housefic from hell! Notes on a future posting. a/k/a Self-indulgent navel-gazing.

I'm in a really bad place guys.

The reasons may not be valid, but that doesn't make the emotions any less painful. Or me any less of of a stroppy bint.

I went looking for a pain bunny and I found it and spent most of the day writing it. H/W slashers will not like it. As in hate. As in possible puking. I'm not sure how the House/Cammers are going to feel. There's no fluff for them, but there is hope. And no, it's not House/Cam smut...exactly. The rating would be "nasty implications".

As you lovely folks know, I am a total crackwhore for comments, to point of detox-like symptoms and meltdowns when I feel deprived. Therefore it seems counter-productive to write something that I know many of my f-listers will find so distastefull that I need to warn them away from it for their own good. I don't have a logical answer for it, except to say that my muse is as twisted as I am. I'm pretty sure that there was some way to write ALMOST this exact story with the same amount of pain and still have it be palatable to the H/W slashers. Unfortunately I'm almost positive I wrote the ficlet because of the single line that will cause the most pain. Proving once again that I AM EVIL, because I really love the line. If I post the story, it will be because of the line.

Before I get drummed out the H/W True-Faith for going down this road yet again, (although never quite like this) let me say, somewhat defensively, that I still consider myself a H/W shipper. I believe in H/W as a past/present/future sexual/romantic fictional pairing above all others on House MD because of the Hugh&Bobby chemistry (and ya'll know how I really feel about that) as well as the the text both sub and otherwise. However, I'm having a nearly allergic reaction to the amount of H/W fluff that's been appearing since Words&Deeds. (Attn:K mart shoppers fluffers: I'm happy for you. I really am.) I do have some serious H/W angst in the works, but I'm having my own angst about it. For one thing I got Jossed a bit by W&D and for another I'm struggling with how much of an epic to make it. The longer the show goes on, the more moments there are to account for. "Well if that happened during "Detox", then how come Wilson says this is "Histories"?"

Appropos of nothing, I'm up to the 4th chapter of perspi's costume fic and it just keeps getting more painful in all the best ways. In fact, I'm feeling rather intimidated to ever write anything dealing with House's pain again, based on how brilliantly she's written it in this story.

And in conclusion:
I'm going home to think about this some more. Because apparently I haven't spent enough time obsessing about it. I'd really like to borrow someone's eyes to go over the story (wordcount right now is at 1056) both for typos and general loathesomeness. Please read what I wrote above carefully. I may be grandiose about the power of my own words, but I'm not fucking kidding. I wrote from a place of hate and that's exactly how I think it came out.

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