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The Drabble Challenge at ppth_support this week is "Daddy's Boy." If you've got a Mom & Dad House fic up your sleeve, or something about any other supporting or guest character from that episode...bring it on, or do a little drabble for the challenge.


Here's some wacky, cracky, and slightly different recs for you this week:

Once in a Blue Moon by hllangel
Pairing: Academia/Fandom
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 301
Summary: Normally, Academia beats Fandom senseless. But once in a blue moon, Fandom pushes Academia against a brick wall and drops to his knees.

Awesomely insane crack!


Untitled Minor Character fic written by haldane for ppth_support.

It's a fic with everybody's favorite dominatrix, Annette Raines. Also House, Chase, humor and even a bit of sweetness.


Catechism by saphron_girl.
Fandom: Becket/The Lion in Winter
Pairing: Richard/Philip, Henry/Thomas
Rating: G

Historical and literary canon-slash (canon at least on the Richard/Philip side), with oodles of angst. Beautifully done.


If You Will Not Have Me, You May let Me Go by paperclipbitch

More literary slash. Hamlet slash no less, featuring Horatio and Fortinbras with Horatio/Laertes backstory. And to make it even more ...whatever it is...it's written back-wards, Memento style.

Freakishly brilliant.


And one from The Chelsea Drugstore Vaults... Someone's Got To Do It
Dirty Jobs fic written for mmom 2007.
Mike checks out a very dirty job. It still makes me giggle every time I read it.
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