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Supplementary pimpage!

I flaked out on including this one in yesterday's Pimp Post

laurab1 took one of the Song Lyric Prompts and produced some AWESOME conman!Jack. Mrrrrrow!

Title - You've Got Blue Eyes, and I've Never Seen Anyone Quite Like
You Before

Author - laurab1
Foursome – Nine/Rose/Jack/TARDIS
Rating – PG Length – 150 words
Spoilers – New Who 1.9/10 TEC/TDD
Summary – Hiding your eyes makes people want to see them
A/N – written to karaokegal’s lyrics prompt, here Disclaimer
– alas, Team TARDIS are not mine Feedback is loved and appreciated :)

Now that she knows
Jack Harkness was, or is a conman, Rose thinks she understands the
Captain’s moves and games.
Tags: journal, pimping

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