karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Here's how much I don't care anymore

Or how bad the addiction is depending on how you look at it.

The Regional Manager was in the office. Right here. And I still couldn't stay off LJ and Gmail. I don't know how much attention she was paying or how much she would have known exactly what she was seeing if she happened to look over her shoulder.

Talk about tempting fate.

We had one of our ever-popular conference calls, which always make me want to introduce my brain to the nearest blunt object.

Then to brighten up the day, Our rep from Le Meridien stopped by to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by bringing the following:

A massive amount of coffee in one those big cardboard thingies, Bailey's Irish Cream and regular cream, plus a box of Green Sprinkled Shamrock shaped cookies.

Do you see anything in that list, I could possibly ingest? And even assuming I could...who the hell gets soused on Irish Coffee during work hours?

However, the rep is a sweetie. Those of you who find Mohinder on Heroes to be extremely cute would take to him instantly, and the hotel always does right by us, including my scamming a good deal for my mother's visit in June.

OMG---Last night's Colbert Report...the interview with Neil Gaimon? Where is the freaking fic already?
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