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More reps, more goodies I'm not eating.

Today we got ANA who brought a whole box of cookies from Specialties (and if you don't know Specialities, let me tell you, these are cookies to contend with) and milk. I asked if he was going to tell us a bedtime story about how we were getting free First Class tickets to Tokyo. Apparently not. He also gave us pens, sticky pads (I love sticky pads) and refrigerator magnets in the shape of ANA planes.

Next up was our statuesque rep from the Omni Downtown Los Angeles, complete with Godiva Chocolate, as well as very nice black leather thing for a small pad and a pen.

Presumably with the economy in the tank, the reps feel the need to come in and bribe us with goodies, although the ones we book, we're going to book and the ones we don't (ANA!!!) aren't going to accomplish anything by bringing food I can't eat these days.

Meanwhile, one of my clients, who is actually very nice, but insists on schlepping her nearly one-year-old EVERYWHERE (seriously, this kid has been more places than a lot of people I know), called to make some arrangements, and told me she was adding another one to the trip. It turned out to be her mother-in-law, but I made a joke about how I thought she was going to tell me she was trying for another one and she said..."actually, I'm due in September." Which means I have another two years of booking her husband and either the current baby or the one to be as lap children and making sure there are cribs in the room. (Two years, lord willing, the crick don't rise and I don't get my ass fired in the next five minutes, that is.)

This is not to offend or piss-off the mothers and mothers-to-be on my list. On some level, it's cool that she's having the baby and breast-feeding and still doing all this business travel, and taking her hubby along as well, but it's that much more work for me and one can't help feel sympathy for the other passengers on the planes if either of her babies are the ones who start wailing the minute the damn plane takes off, especially as one who has chosen not to reproduce and has no fuzzy-wuzzy ooey-gooey feelings about babies. Puppies, yes. Babies, not so much. Like not at all.

This passenger once made me change a ticket so that her baby wouldn't have to miss his "Music appreciation class." I think she might have hear me nearly choking on that one, so she explained that it was a bunch of babies banging on drums.
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