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Finally, something healthy from a hotel. (And a slight TMI alert.)

YAY RITZ CARLTON!!! The rep from Half Moon Bay brought us Luna Bars!!! Cause it's Half Moon Bay (get it) and it's Law Firm Appreciation Week. (Bar...get it?)

I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to try and get a comp room for the weekend of hubby's birthday. It would be nice to live large at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco, BUT after you get past the whole "OMG, WE'RE AT THE RITZ CARLTON" thing...we're way more comfortable in our own dumpy apartment where each coke doesn't cost $1.50, you know? Yeah, hotel sex is nice, but it's not that much better. (Maui is different. Everything is better in Maui.)

Meanwhile...arm ouchie. It's my right upper arm. I think I overdid something on the weights. Either triceps or shoulder, maybe even pecs. Anyway, it's been bad for over a week. Getting in and out of a coat is not fun. Obvious answer is to lay off the weights until it stops hurting, which means beefing up the cardio.
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