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Another day, another wank

Although, the "humor" of the anti-John secret still escapes me. If that was a parody of the GDL wank, it failed pretty dismally.


We saw Watchmen today.

I'm not madly impressed, aside from the giant blue penis. There were some good effects but the whole thing was bit nihilistic for my taste. I know the JDM fangirls were all drooly, but about the only character I found really compelling was Rorshach. The fact that the nerdy geek guy got the hot chick felt pretty damn contrived for geekboy fanservice. I did love the Nixon and Kissenger bits, although Nixon's nose was way out there. Best destruction of New York I've seen in awhile but no real love.

OK, how's this for weird coincidence-ville:

Hubby, as you may know, is on a knitting and crocheting kick, which as which all hubby kicks, means a lot of books. In this case while we were at Borders today he bought Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter by Stephanie Pearl McPhee. Then we were watching some stuff on Tivo and after it was over the TV went over to BBC American and we ended up in the middle of a Graham Norton show where he was talking to Greg Kinnear about "being kinneared" by a woman taking his picture on an airplane and I swear to god, it was the same woman. They mentioned her knitting blog and everything.


OMG-Doggie on Top Gear!!! So cute!!!
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