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Some bitchy TV babble-Bones & CSI-NY

What is up with everybody getting the "lecture bug" lately? Solve the crime and STFU, people.

First of all, what the hell was up with Brennan getting her bitch on for the whole episode? She was so cranky I thought they were foreshadowing HER turning up pregnant. I know she has negative feelings about religion, but her attitude toward Muslim guy was totally out there and she never seemed to chillax about it even when everyone else did.

I'm not a big fan of "ripped from the headlines" stories anyway and this one was particularly gross and I thought the morality was oddly skewed, when Booth decided to deliver his big annoying lecture to the nebbish who got some of the girls pregnant. His whole "being a man" spiel just seemed totally misplaced and out of line, considering the set-up of the girls basically using him. What's he supposed to do now? Sue for custody of four kids? Barge his way into the girl's and the baby's lives? Be miserable because Booth made him feel like shit?
STFU Booth.

Meanwhile...the Angela/Roxie break-up. WTF? Was this not already anvilled weeks ago? Has there ever been a doubt this was just some weird bump toward the Angela/Hodgins reconcilliation? But again with the fucked up morality and Hodgins being all, I'll give you comfort sex this once, but then I'm cutting you off. And the worst thing that can happen is Brennan approves of your sex life.

I actually liked the Sweets/Angela scene. I'd love to see them get together, except I assume that would still only be another temporary block to the reconcilliation. Angela/Hodgins fans...if you're out there...is this what you really want for your couple?

I hate it when I have to think about this show so much. This is supposed to be my "no stress" fandom. The one that rolls off me. If this keeps up, I'll get as bitchy as Brennan was.

And here comes the BIG BITCH!

OK, I'm still a week behind, but this episode pissed me off ROYALLY!

(Althought I'm amused by how much the neo-Nazi red herring bad guy looked like Joe the Plumber)

Hey, Mac & Stella: STFU. Your lenghty diatribes about EVIL ECO-TERRORIST and EVIL CHILD-KILLING POLLUTER GUY, were both incredibly annoying and didn't make me feel particularly hostile toward either EVIL CHARACTER. What the hell was the point of all that parallel haranguing? ESPECIALLY, YOU STELLA! I get that you neeeded to compensate for thinking that EVIL CHILD-KILLING POLLUTER GUY was a human being and flashing your boobies at him while saying "Call me if you need anything," but you were so far out of line it was not funny, and Mac, you were close behind. Obviously the whole set-up of the girl going back in the house to warn the father was bull-pucky anyway JUST SO both of you could have your big moments, but seriously STFU!

Meanwhile...Mac/Danny...This was almost ol skool Mac/Danny angst because I could almost see Mac suffering, knowing he was losing Danny to this whole Lindsay/Baby thing and that he had to do the right thing by making it happen, although telling Danny he'd make a great dad is a bit marginal. I think he'd TRY to be a good dad but the actual results are questionable given his baggage, however that's sort of acceptible within the angsty framework. BUT....then the really bad het fanfic kicks in...

YO, Danny! You asked and she said NO. Shanghai-ing her to City Hall and putting her in a pressure situation is not cool. The fact that she said yes and it's all sweet and nice and there Mac and Stella with flowers, doesn't change the fact. That whole scene really pissed me off, especially when Lindsay said "What if I'd said no," and Stella (I think it was Stella) said "Not a chance." OH REALLY???? Why not? She already said it once.

I know Danny/Lindsay are supposed to be the fluff-pairing on this show, and I still think Carmine G is hothothot, but almost nothing about the pairing has ever felt right to me. I love the angsty, dark way that paperclipbitch writes them, but the canon stuff just makes me froth at the mouth.

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