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I was at the gym this AM and I heard the main synthline from Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat and I was SO back in the best days of the 80's. Then it segued into the synthline from Why. I guess there's some new version that's just a mashup of the two instrumentals. Those were the days, baby.

Deborah is pretty much completely converted. "Oh, you could just eat him up." Yes, you could, couldn't ya. I showed her hllangel's Man of La Mancha fanvid on my Ipod and she's reading the book. Hasn't listened to Cole Porter yet, but I did show her some of the John/Scott pictures from the Priscilla opening. She says it's sad because he's so unattainable, and I said to just think of him as the perfect gay friend.

Yeah, I have a few things about Mr. Barrowman that get on my nerves, but for all intents and purposes he is pretty much perfect, and it's nice to see someone else going through the rush. This could be my best conversion since the Mint Boys all pretty much went over at the same time. I'm keeping her as far away from Torchwood as I can for awhile. I want her to hook-on-phonics John for his singing and all around adorability before she meets Jack and when she meets Jack, it needs to be Real!Jack, so we'll start with the first Series Who eps and go straight from there to Utopia.

And more details about that fabulous job opportunity because I know some of you were hot to apply:

Ensure optimum customer service through effective use of company resources and positive telephone service techniques

Ability to anticipate VIP needs and provide speedy resolution

Act on special customer requests and maintain excellent client relations

Consistently provide value added services with each transaction such as airline and hotel upgrades, meet and greet, amenities and other special services

Demonstrate professional written and spoken communication skills

Able to adapt communication styles to meet the needs of a diverse client base

Independent decision making capabilities combined with strong and creative problem solving skills

Must be available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day and react quickly and professionally to any client need or circumstance


At least 10 years of experience as a high performing corporate travel consultant, and at least 2 years experience as an Ovation employee.

International experience: More than 3 years of complex international skilled expertise, including but not limited to:

· international fare construction and airline routings,

· world geography,

· foreign country entry requirements,

· counsel clients on efficient, multi-country routings for lowest available fares,

· preferred carrier usage

In depth knowledge of premium class products such as Business/First Class services on major carriers

In depth knowledge of 4-5 STAR properties throughout the world

Strong organization skills and capacity to prioritize tasks research and resolve customer service issues.

Ability to research on the internet and use web based tools.

Attention to detail while working in a fast paced environment

More than 5 years of SABRE experience

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