karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Of course it sucks pretty bad here at the "regular" Desk of Doom too.

Scumbag #1-
Client bitching because his final car rental bill was about $100.00 more than what the "approximate cost" from the original booking was.
Deborah called and found out that there charges for an additional driver, not filling the gas tank, CDW, insurance, taxes etc.
Mind you, we got the rental in a close to sold out situation anyway, so they could't use Hertz with whom they have a corporate contract so the insurance would normally be included.

After provding the information to the client, we did not get a "thanks for researching this" instead we got "You ought to able to find better value for my firm. This is preposterous."

(Although the admin did send an email thanking us and saying she'd talk to the guy.)


Scumbag #2

This one is bitching because he didn't fly enough to qualify for Gold Status on American Airlines last year, and American is doing him a FAVOR by letting him pay $449.00 to get it reinstated. Mind you, he only flew 6,299 miles last year, 7 segments, and the requirement is 25,000 miles or 30 segments.

We verified the information and then he sort of asked if the company would pay it for him and when I pointed out that I'd actually have to bring this to someone's attention, I got this from the Admin:

Please do what you can to get this reduced. Frankly, SCUMBAG is leaving the firm and would probably pay for it if it was more reasonable.


This shit is more likely to make me turn into Hulk-e-okegal than H/W fluff and J/I schmoop, put together.
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