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Fanfic is like a box of chocolates....

I had a very interesting comment discussion where the reviewer said that my use of unusual pairings and what she seemed to grudgingly admit was actual writing skills made my TW fic like a box of chocolate that looks really good, but when you open it is covered with mold. Apparently J/I where Jack is real!Jack or ANY indication of Jack wanting Gwen or the Doctor or anyone else (but especially Gwen) is the mold. She did like the Jack/Rhys story, although I think Jack there is EXTREMELY Jack and clearly bored with Ianto, so I don't see the difference between that and the references in the Capt. John/Tosh story, which she found "moldy".

I think we actually had a good back and forth and I give props to the commenter for coming here and saying it to my face, as it were, rather than bitching in an anon post somewhere.


#1-From Barromanonline@yahoo.groups

Michael O'Mara Books has acquired the sequel to "Torchwood", "Doctor Who", "I'd Do Anything" and music theatre star John Barrowman's autobiography Anything Goes. Kate Gribble, commissioning editor, brokered the deal with Gavin Barker of Gavin Barker Associates.

I Am What I Am will be published on 1st October, and like the previous book will be written by John with his sister Carole E Barrowman. According to the publisher, the book will offer a "more in-depth exploration of John the man . . . his thoughts, opinions and experiences, îand in particular [will] focus on achievements over the past couple of years".

Gribble said: "I'm absolutely thrilled to be working with John and Carole Barrowman again on a second autobiographical volume. I Am What I Am promises to be just as entertaining, heartfelt and revelatory as Anything Goes--if not more so--and John's many fans can look forward to a very funny, very honest and very intimate treat this Christmas."

#2-From the Daily Mail
John Barrowman is in early negotiations to put on a sequinned gown, high heels and false eyelashes for the West End show La Cage Aux Folles.

The plan - dependent on his schedule for a new BBC1 primetime TV show that begins over Easter - would have him in wigs and wiggling on stage as transvestite Albin in the Olivier award winning revival of La Cage from late August for a three-month run, after Philip Quast and Roger Allam end their stints. (Graham Norton is currently playing the Albin role at the Playhouse Theatre.)

Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack in Torchwood, begins his new Saturday night entertainment show, Tonight's The Night, which has the theme of wish fulfillment, next month.

Then he goes on a concert tour. But he's waiting to see if he needs to do more episodes of Tonight's The Night before agreeing to be in the musical.

Barrowman is actually too young to play Albin - the character is in his 50s, while Barrowman has just turned 42.

However Jerry Herman, who wrote the score and lyrics, has encouraged him to do it, telling him he'd 'bring a new light to it'.
Anyway, everyone's keen for it to happen, but it's all down to Barrowman's schedule.

In the meantime, the actor has been singing the part of Raoul for the concept album of Love Never Dies - but let me stress, he's not doing the stage show.

Barrowman played Raoul in the early Nineties. He's too old for that role now, but it won't matter on an album.

The Really Useful Group, Love Never Dies producers, are mulling over the idea of a documentary DVD about the making of the album and the stage production of Love Never Dies.

It has been a while since Barrowman appeared on stage.

He had been in discussions with the Cameron Mackintosh organisation about the possibility of starring in a revamped revival of Barnum, but despite having a £40,000 a week pay cheque (which would have included a share of box-office takings), he had to turn it down because he couldn't commit to a 12-month run, which is what the Mackintosh people demanded


Personally, I'm more interested in John getting back on the stage in the West End, even if I never get to see him there. IMAO, he needs to reassert himself as a stage star and get as far away from the TW side of Captain Jack as possible. In my best of all possible worlds, TW ends and Jack is not seen UNTIL Moffet has control of Who and Real!Jack is allowed to return with a vengeance.

In the super best of all possible worlds a certain spoiler/rumour/prayer comes true, but god only loves me enough to keep bailing me out of work screwups, not to give me what I want in that department.

The book sounds interesting, but a bit like a cash-in, if you know what I mean. I mean dude, the bio was just two years ago right? You got another whole book? Unless he's going to go a lot less glib, which I find fairly unlikely.

Oh well, hopefully there will be pretty pictures and more funny press interviews.
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