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Back up to 8 miles.

In running shorts even, which is very unusual for me with my fears of cold, sun and chafing. The last mile wasn't pretty but I kept moving. Then we went out for brunch at Andalu. OMG---those freaking polenta fries are to die for.

Hopefully I'll be able to digest it by tonight because hubby wants to go to a Japanese Vegetarian restaurant for dinner.

Pretty much one month off sugar/caffeine as we speak. The cravings are coming in fast and furious but I'm hanging in there.

Chilling out now, but have to make a quick run downtown. We've got our appointment for tomorrow at H&R Block and naturally I can't find my W-2 and I can remember how to get into the website to do that from here and I can remember how to get into my work email which has the instructions either. (Of course if I took THE JOB FROM HELL presumably I'd have a lap top that was always tied into work and wouldn't have that problem.)
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