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Song Meme

Ganked from appleade682

1. One of the earliest songs you can remember listening to:
Midnight At The Oasis-Maria Muldaur

2. Song from the artist you last saw live:
Nemo's Dream-Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
(Because we saw Bela at the opening of Throw Down Your Heart.)

3. Song you currently can't get out of your head:
Fly Me To The Moon-Tom Jones

4. Song by someone who is dead:
Redemption Song-Bob Marley & The Wailers

5. Song you discovered from a film:
Dracula From Houston-Butthole Surfers

6. Song you love to sing along to:
In The Still Of The Night-The Five Satins

7. Song you totally misunderstood the first time you heard it:
Blinded By The Light-Bruce Springsteen

8. Love song:
All About You-McFly

9. Song that makes you nostalgic:
Running Up That Hill-Kate Bush

10. Song that makes you cry:
Miss You Nights-Cliff Richard

11. Song that makes you laugh:
Someone's Been Sending Me Flowers-Paul Burton

12. Song that makes you want to dance:
Tonight Is The Night-Click Le

13. Song with food in the title:
One Bad Apple-The Osmonds

14. Song that creeps you out:
The Great Gig In The Sky-Pink Floyd

15. Really good cover song:
Light My Fire-Jose Feliciano

16. Song about dreaming or waking up:
This Time The Dream's On Me-Anthony Newley

17. Song you only like because of the title:
Walk Between the Raindrops-Donald Fagen

18. Song you like from an artist that you otherwise don't like:
Lovefool-The Cardigans

19. Song you hate:
If I Were A Carpenter-Bobby Darin

20. Wildcard:
A Boy From Nowhere-John Barrowman
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