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Apparently we had an earthquake a few hours ago. 4.5 maybe. I can't really say I felt anything up here, althought I might have. At this point you've gotta fo 6.0 or more to really get my attention.

No Peggy and No Sebastian, so I hung out with Frank for awhile. He's doing well. One of his last perks from Virgin was a ticket to see Branford Marsalis at the Legion of Honour, so he was getting in some Karaoke before leaving for that. Afterwards, I hung out with Andy and managed to get some writing done. I know it's dangerous to do anything on paper given my recent tendency to lose notebooks, but for some reason it's still easier for me to hunker down at the bar and write at the Mint then do it at home on the lap top with LJ and Cubis and Gmail giving me all the distraction I need NOT to write. As it was, I made a start on Chapter 6, which is encouraging, although I haven't quite written the end of chapter 5 yet.

Song list-
Ain't Love A Kick In The Head-Dean Martin
I'm Telling You Now-Freddy and the Dreamers
Soolaimon-Neil Diamond



He called me at the Mint all excited about something he'd taped on our Tivo that he was sure I wanted to see but didn't tell me what it was. When I got home he said, "Have you heard of a documentary called "The Making of Me" and I had to tell him that I saw it back in May and had some real issues with it. I felt so bad, because he was thinking he'd found something Barrowman that I hadn't seen yet. I asked if we were taping Any Dream Will Do, which I hadn't actually seen before. We weren't, but we did. Obviously that's something he has no interest in whatsoever, so I'll watch during the week while he's at work.

We ended up watching the Making of Me, in it's somewhat butchered state. Most of my Original critique still applies, although the OMG CUTE factor of John and Scott together feels even more resplendant now, especially Scott's utter calm and sanity in the face of John's apparent wigging out. I'm still dubious that he could have had actual fears that he'd learn anything that could possibly undermine his sexuality, or that there'd be a shred of evidence that didn't support nature over nurture. The hand thing struck me as supremely bogus this time around. But it's hard to knock any chance to hear John speak in his Scotish accent. Mrrrrow!



So far I've seen the first two episodes, but not the new one from last night. Basically I'm all about Ian McShane. The rest of it is just soapy and anvillicous. Enough with the CGI butterflies already. They did manage to fake me out with the prince until his big, gay reveal, and I'm still suspicious of just how touchy feely the Reverend is. Blonde boy is doing nothing for me. I did let out a squeeeee when Miguel Ferrer showed up as a bad-guy general type. Seriously though---Ian Fucking McShane. It's like someone else was as upset about not getting any more Al Swearingen and decided to write a part where Ian McShane could be as much of a BAMF and still be on network television. So there he is and I'm loving it. (OMG-did you see him on Daily Show on St. Patrick's day? Awesome.)
And how much did I love the Queen who can't find her cell phone. OMG-Even though it turned out to be some massive scam, she played it brilliantly, exactly how I am about my missing

So for now my opinion is that there's not a lot of there there, but it's all worth it for Ian McShane.

PLUS-Love for the two comic relief guard guys. Who's playing them? They're excellent. :)

NOAH NOAH NOAH!!! How much do I love this character and the way Jack Coleman plays him? For that matter, how much do I love Jack Coleman? (Just a reminder if, you're not reading The HRG Files, his blog at Television Without Pity you totally should be.

In one episode, he had so much freakin' chemistry with EVERYBODY that I wanted to ship him with Angela, with Tracy (OMG IN A DRESSING ROOM! Hysterical) and even Danko, and sorry but Zeljko Ivanek is generally the least sexually appealing actor I have ever seen. It was just a fest of Noah shippiness everywhere you looked.

Do I have any Dynasty peeps here who remember when poor confused Steven and Crazy Claudia were making some seriously HOT monkey love back in the day? Well Jack has aged so fantastically well it's not even funny and he's hotter than ever, although he still hasn't gotten an actual kissing scene with anyone has he? Damn, he deserves one. I DESERVE ONE!

PLOT HOLE CENTRAL---WTF was up with Doyle being delivered to Danko with a bow. Didn't we last see him getting his new identity from Claire? Did Rebel betray him because he's one of the "bad" ones or did I miss something. Very confusing.

Hubby called Micah as Rebel about ten minutes in, which made him happy. The ice scene was very well done and the shot of Tracy's frozen eye---way creepy. Great work by the effects team there.

OMG-An episode where Hiro didn't annoy me. I actually thought he and Ando were adorable and yay for bringing Janice back and not having her be a total bitch.

And holy shit...that was Swoosie Kurtz as Angela's friend. I knew I recognized her, but didn't place it until I checked Wiki.
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