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House Babble for Locked In

I was planning to cancel the House party due to Hubby's birthday, but we got home fifteen minutes before show time. I offered to stay off-line and let him zap commercials but he told me to go ahead with the party and even kept his paws off the FF button, so yay him.

This will include lots of speculation based on spoilers.

For the fluffy, schmoopy H/W contingent to say "You're right. They'll always hurt each other."
We got ourselves some nice hurtful, twisted, fucked up, House/Wilson there. Including the fact that Wilson is getting some again, which means he's got power in the relationship and House is so miserable he needs a shrink, but can't stand the thought of Wilson knowing about it. Awesome. And House takes every opportunity to say incredibly hurtful things to Wilson. Excellent. "Meddle in your lies." LOVE IT. So much love and so much pain! It's perfect H/W, especially the "irony."

Heroes reference! Mission accomplished banner.

STFU TAUB. House, I'm begging you. Let him stay fired. Get one of these losers out of my fucking face. I loved the Taub abuse. "You don't matter". I'm now convinced that the "shocking death" that will "deeply affect" House will be Taub's suicide. Those anvils were falling fast and furious a few weeks back.


I was very happy with minimal Thirteen/Foreman.

LOVED THE PATIENT. As "stunt" episodes go, this is a vast improvement over "Ugly."

Hawaiian shirt House!!! House on the beach. Looking happy. :)

Cameron!!! Still getting to take care of House's wounds and get in some good suggestions and snark at the same time and show why House/Cam would STILL be a better het hook up than House/Cuddy. And that attempt at House/Cuddy cheerleading by Wilson was the most flat-footed thing I've ever seen. Not even RSL could redeem that.


I love you, patient.

Who the hell is letting Kutner near the paddles? (Come on Taub and Kutner, make it a suicide pact. Please?)

House in glasses.

Rat pee? Heh! Happy Ending (but STFU Kutner)

Unhappy H/W ending. "You're going to end up alone" and oh so not subtle House is locked in. And when was the last time Wilson said "You're going to end up alone..." Kids. Trying to get House to hire back Cameron. Trying to tell House he loves him while pushing him away because he can't deal with it and he's fucking his brother's nurse. Which is both Oedipal and masturbatory.

Poor Wilson Brother. They bring him back just to be a plot device for getting Wilson laid.

Chase-pretty, pretty eyes.

I'm willing to give this one a Very Good.

Our show is BACK IN TOWN!

ETA: John Kapelos! DUDE!!! I didn't recognize him at first, but got all kinds of happy when I saw the credits. The Janitor from Breakfast Club, Schanke from Forever Knight, and whoever it was that shot Richard Gere in the foot in Internal Affairs. One of my favorite character actors ever. Good to see you man.

As has been mentioned: Patient who can't talk thinks Foreman is boring...Hahahahahah.

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