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"In The Name Of Love" remix for femslash100 challenge Stacy/Cuddy 270 words-Rated R


Title: In The Name Of Love
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: Cuddy/Stacy
Rating: R
Prompt: Remix of Still The Same by girlie_girl_23
Thanks to girlie_girl_23 for another inspirational original.

House loves to bring up that strip club. Stacy always counters by saying it was the worst two dollars she ever spent. They recite their lines on cue, as though they were still a couple. Everybody laughs except Lisa.

She still remembers the smell of smoke, stale beer, and desperation, although not who made the actual suggestion. “Hey, let’s go to Stevie Teezz Gentleman’s Club and have a few drinks.”

The inevitable Def Leppard song playing at an ungodly volume. The scruffy looking guy at the bar who turned out to be Dr. House. So much for trying to maintain her professional façade once he’d recognized her. Lisa knew she was in trouble when she heard House making Stacy laugh. He’d mooched the two dollars to bribe the DJ to change the music. It wasn’t even enough to buy a condom in the men’s room. They all got thrown out together.

Stacy takes sugar in her coffee now. It makes Lisa think of that day and the song starts pounding in her head.

Nothing's changed, she thinks, as she locks the door to her office behind them. It's been five years and nothing's changed.

Stacy is still careless with her nails scraping Lisa's back, making her shiver. She still wears too much lipstick and their colors end up mixed together. Stacy still makes her gasp and tremble and moan. When she slips her fingers into Lisa's panties, it's a blast from the past. I’m hot, sticky sweet.

The same guilt she remembers, even though Stacy had been hers first, and never “Little Miss innocence.”

Yes, it's all still the same.
Tags: cuddy/stacy, drabble, femslash, remix

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