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I'm so pissed right now, and I don't mean drunk.

Tech Savvy (the guys who are supposed to be fixing my computer) never called me.

When I called at 12N, they didn't have their Fedex delivery (with my new keyboard.)
At 4PM, they were still tracking the driver.
When I tried to call at 555PM, they weren't answering and have a voicemail system that makes it completely impossible to leave a message.
I jumped in a cab just to verify what I knew would be the case. They were locked up, closed and won't be open until Monday. I'm just so pissed and offended that they didn't have the guts to call and say "Sorry. It's not here and we won't have your computer done when we said we would."

I wanted hubby to take me out to dinner, but by the time I got home he'd taken off his pants, so we were going to a order a pizza, but when we called the good place on Valencia, their Pizza Oven wasn't working and we had to get the pizza from the place on 16th, which is watery and has a thin crust.


So I'm in a crappy mood and I'm taking it out on hubby who is being nice enough to lend me his laptop, and will take me out to a nice dinner tomorrow. We're going to the Asian Art Museum to see the Bhutan exhibit.

Obviously, limited LJ access, so not sure how many comments I'll get to do this weekend.

Not sure how I'm going to get through this without diving into the sugar/caffeine vortex, but I'm going to try.
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