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House babble for Simple Explanation

I don't give a flying Philadelphia fuck about Kutner. I'm not in the least sorry he's dead. The last time I thought he was particularly amusing was when he turned his 6 upside down and pretended to be 9 (or vice versa.) I reject any and all attempts to say that House should see any parallels between himself and Kutner or that he should feel any guilt about Kutner's death, which was merely a plot device.

I'm far more moved by Keith Olbermann's tribute to his mother, who died on Saturday, than I am about anything that happened in this episode, as least as it regarded Kutner.

My bottom line is one down, two to go.

Meanwhile, back in the plot I actually cared about.

Meat Loaf-playing a character named Eddie, which I assume is a shout-out to Rocky Horror Picture Show and Colleen Camp, who I loved in They All Laughed. They both did great jobs, although the plot really got bogged down toward the end and I'm not sure if the big EVERYBODY LIES moment meant that she actually had an affair or that she just committed the heinous crime of going on vacation when her husband was sick?

They're also running the whole "patient faking it, but then really being sick" thing into the ground. It's a rehash of both Annica from Deception and cat lady from just a few weeks ago.

Loved the House/Wilson scenes. Come on Wilson, you were really shocked that House was only about the mystery? Get with the program dude. I loved the offer to go out and get drunk and then go home and fuck. He didn't say that? I'm pretty sure I heard him. Because that's what he's got to offer, since he can't come out and admit what's really going on. STILL. EVER. Still hurting each other. Beautifully and deliciously.

Will we hear more about the brother or was he only brought back to create an unseen girlfriend for Wilson and the b.s. about Wilson marrying "caregivers?"

Thank you House for being and and being a bastard to the parents and especially thank you for NOT going to the funeral. Don't let them drag you into their emotional morass. Rock on with your bad self.

Nice House/Cuddy scene, better Cuddy/Wilson. "You don't give a crap about me. You just want someone to take care of him." BRILLIANT. And then she trumps him and he goes anyway. No baby mention and no forced House/Cuddy this week.

CAMERON! Hi, babe! At this point the cinematography was so dark, I thought her hair was nearly back to the original color. I know it's not Jen's original color, but I think of it as Cameron's. I don't know if it's symbolic or not. The previews show her lighter again, so it probably doesn't. However, House approached her and if I'm not mistaken she was correct on her diagnosis? Seriously, not sure, but more right than any of the other idiots.

I was really hoping it would turn out to be a murder. That would have been cool and then nobody would be able to impose their emotional guilt trips on House for how ever many weeks that's going to last.

CSI-MIAMI REFERNCE! Not subtle, but it still took me a second.

A second scene of Wilson walking away from House.

Dead patient. Funeral Scene I don't care about. House brooding at Kutner's place, but at least not at the funeral.

Will someone please turn on the fucking lights?

If I don't get some real Chase next week, there will be hell to pay.

And here comes the PSA announcement.

Actually, the highlight of the House-party was hllangel fixing up the gmail chat so that she and michelleann68 and I could all be in one chat box together. It was very cozy.
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