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House-babble: One Day, One Room-Mostly ranting.

I won't put you all through my "How I was betrayed and disillusioned by Twin Peaks" story, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Log Lady showed up at the clinic next week.

Warning: A lot of un-PC hate behind the cut.

I'm still shell-shocked and will re-watch tonight with Hubby. I'll also be re-re-re-watching as much as I can stomach for the next few days and I reserve the right to come back and edit so that I don't sound as deranged as I feel right now.

Let's start with the big stuff. I was spoilered and rumored and promo-ed about the BIG REVEAL, so it wasn't completely a shock. I went in knowing I was going to hate and and came out hating it even more, but here's the thing: I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!

My logic is going to sound like convoluted H/W shippiness, but stick with me here a minute. I think the one thing we got out of this episode (aside from a modicum of Cuddy awesomeness) was an attempt at "old school" House/Wilson. Wilson knows where to find House. They banter a bit. House comes to Wilson first with the "rape victim problem" and Wilson says "Tell The Truth." I definitely got the feeling that he had more on his mind than either the infarction or the shooting. Wilson Knows House is one of the staples of H/W love. We get especially pissy when they try to imply in any way that Cameron knows or understands House better than Wilson does. So Wilson has to know more. But if Wilson knows this particular secret, then how do we explain his behavior in "Daddy's Boy"? Would the same man who prescribed (more or less) 600 pills to keep his friend out of pain, encourage him to be in the same room with his father if he knew about this abuse?

The rest of "Daddy's Boy" tells the same story. Yeah, House hates his dad, but at no point does he indicate anything like this. He spells it out to Cameron about his dad being unable to lie. That makes sense. Being the son of a man who tells the truth, no matter how painful, might lead to the somewhat compulsive liar we know today. But the clincher for me is a line from "Lines In The Sand" - My parents loved me unconditionally.

OK, I realize he said both of those things to Cameron and it may be part of H/W true-faith that anything said to Cameron has to be a lie, but those statements feel truer than anything he said in this episode. I'm not taking away from Hugh's acting. Brilliant as always. If he doesn't get his Emmy nom back this year...no justice, no peace, but I kind of thought he was trying to play against the melodrama of what he was being given to say.

So, House Lied To The SAINTED RAPE VICTIM. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

In other news:
Who the hell did Omar piss off to end up in the baby-blue sweater?
Who did Omar and Jesse piss off to end up virtually unemployed in this episode.
And who is Jen fucking to get yet another dramatic situation centered on her and her alone.
And which fucking crack monkey wrote that whole HOMELESS DUDE WITH CANCER thing. "I want to be remembered?" WTF? The nurse told him about Cam's husband? WTF? "I was trying to freak you out?" WTF!!!! It made no sense whatsover. It was like a tepid tea remake of "Informed Consent" down to the slightly less moving music at he end. The only thing I could think of that might have made some sense was if he turned out to be the rapist and thought he should die in pain as punishment.

I honestly think that any Housefic writer worth a damn could have taken that basic idea and written a fic that would have a million times more heart, soul and logic than what I saw on the screen last night. And giving it to either Chase or Foreman would have done the show a world of good. We never did find out exactly what Foreman has against homeless people...and getting Wilson involved could have helped bring back some of the interesting dynamic from "Histories" which has languished on the back-burner ever since.

Aside from the dried out left-over feeling of the Cameron plot, all the so called "philosphical" discussion between House and SAINTED RAPE VICTIM, felt like a retread from "No Reason" where it had a certain amount of wit. You anti-semantic bastard. is one of my favorite lines ever.

And while I'm in a Die, Cameron, Die mood...what was up with her ratting out House? Which of her Sybil-like personalities was that? And why is House going to put up with this crap? Memo to David & Katie: If you are trying to get us to fall in love with Cameron so that you can pursue your nefarious H/Cam agenda, this ain't the way to do it. I don't know if there is one, but I don't this ain't it.

Am I a horrible person for hating SAINTED RAPE VICTIM?

"I don't know...there's something about you." Yeah, he's Hugh Laurie and he's fuckin' hot and I'd probably take the pills if I thought it would keep him around me a little longer.

Yeah. I'm a horrible person. I can live with it. I hated her.

But I'm all about the love, people...
I do love that this show is so steadfastly pro-choice and that House is always the voice of reason when he tells a woman (or girl) she should have an abortion.
I loved the return of foosball and Wilson's forearms.
I loved Cuddy-especially the game. However, I think she over-played the "you owe me" card and we've seen the last of it.
I still love Hugh Laurie with all my heart and soul and naughty bits.

But I'm really starting to hate what's happening to this show...and looking out for the Dancing Dwarf.

ETA: Did anyone notice that when asked where he went to school, House mentioned Hopkins, but not Michigan?

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