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Keith Olbermann's tribute to his mom

Keith's mom, Marie Olbermann passed away this past weekend and this was Keith's tribute to her on Monday. It's beautiful, touching, and funny. Mrs. Olbermann appears to have been a trip. Love and condolences to Keith and his family.


By the way, for those who think the MSNBC gang is totally lying down for the Prez, as of yesterday, Keith appeared to be seriously pissed off at the President for more or less endorsing the previous administration's policy on wire-tapping, at least to the extent of not allowing any prosecutions against the people who did it. He had the bad hair tag-team of Howard Fineman and Jonathan Turley in to express exactly how bad this was, both as law and as politics. You could tell how disappointed he was, by the way he called him "Mr. Obama" instead of The President. I suspect Mr. Obama is about to get his first major tongue lashing from Keith in the form of a Special Comment by the end of the week.
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