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My laptop is home safe and sound with a working N key and somehow "feeling" like it's operating more smoothly. I had too much crap on my hard-drive (mostly video downloads) for him to do a proper de-frag, but it's still much better. I've made some hard choices about deleting stuff, especially things I either have on Itunes, or know I can get back if I really want to see them again, or have on a disk, assuming I know where the disk is. I was such a greedy child about downloading things, believing my brand new laptop would never get full or sick, and now I've learned the truth the hard way a few times. They also cleaned it up physically and I'm reallyreally going to try to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, I will be away from Romeo tonight, as I'm going to Marin for a second night Seder at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Not looking forward to this AT ALL. Royal pain in the patootie having to get over there on the bus and then deal with my family, including possibly grandma and/or grandpa who have to be transported from their individual facilities, plus the fun a full-blown Lubuvitcher Seder. I'm talking one where you read every word of the Haggadah and have discussion of the text itself. None of this do a few prayers, eat the Matzoh, eat the Charosis, pretend to hear the horseradish, eat dinner, sing Dayenu and you're out of there. No way, Jose. This thing is going to take longer than The Ten Commandments and I still have to get back on a bus tomorrow morning to get back here.

Not to mention the schmura matzoh. This is the kind that's made in either Brooklyn or Israel and it's watched continuously and it's got the consistency of roofing shingles. None of your nice soft Maneschevitz Matzoh for these folks. And you HAVE to eat a certain amount to fulfill the Talmudic interpretations of the scriptures. I would LOVE to bail on this whole production, but I was MIA for Channukah because Hubby was still recovering and I was able to use that as an excuse. So I haven't seen my relatives in over a year. Hence a certain amount of obligation.

Speaking of...in case you didn't hear... Seder at the White House. I would pay good money for footage of Obama singing Dayenu. Really good money for Rahm. (I wonder if Ari and Zeke are coming as well.)

Back to my own tsuris...the major challenge will be getting through this without diving in to the sugar, either out of hunger or because it's there and I'm stressed.

We got our tax refund and I'm so tempted to be like one of my prima donna clients and book a car service to take me to work tomorrow. BUT NO! I'll figure out where the stupid bus leaves from and deal with it.


Phil Bronstein on Stephen Colbert last night.

Bronstein is currently the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and used to be the Editor of the Examiner back when it was almost a real paper. He also used to be married to Sharon Stone.
When he was working at the Ex and dating Ms. Stone, I was with an agency that had the Ex as an account. My buddy Dean used to handle Phil's travel including all his trips back and forth to LA to see Sharon, so he was in on the WHOLE THING long before the tabs got word of it, including some of the plans for the wedding itself. No, he didn't get to go.

Phil and Sharon are no longer together, possibly having something to do with this unforgettable moment involving a Komodo Dragon.

Meanwhile my big project for today is the bullshit variance report, which is now over-whelmed with the charges from United's new policy of charging for the Premium Economy seats on a way that makes it impossible to invoice.
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