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Life and Love in San Francisco

First of all, I am officially ON VACATION! This week is the San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival. Usually I go to a few shows with hubby, but have to beg off on a lot because "I have to get up in the morning." This year, I've taken the whole week off and we'll go to a show every night for a week.

Along the way, I'll be able to sleep in, exercise, see my Grandma at least once, get taxes done, etc etc.

Last night something pretty awesome happened. I hate hate hate doing any work related social functions because I'm an inherently anti-social wretch. This particular "Holiday Party" was held at Buco Di Beppo, a place I loathe. It's extremely noisy, obnoxious and why am I eating mediocre mass-market Italian food when I live in fuckin' San Francisco fercryinoutloud! Also since it was the Friday before vacation, I was late at the office making sure all my tickets were run and packaged and nothing fell between the cracks. (And no evidence of my LJ/Smut obsession was in evidence in my computer or work area.) So I didn't even get there till 8:00PM (which was fine because if I'd been there for appetizers, I would have been stuffed and bored (more bored) five minutes into the soiree. As it was, I ended up sitting with Bubbles and Dianna, both of whom I love. (Dianna brought me Jelly-Bellys but I'm not sure why. I'm sure I gave her a reason.)

Since it was our "Holiday Party" there was a drawing for prizes. I was barely paying attention because I never win anything. I can buy 100 raffle tickets and never even get a kewpie doll. The last time I won something was the hotel nights I ended up using for my honeymoon and I got married in 1990.

So guess what? TWo free transcontinental BUSINESS CLASS Tickets and a weekend stay at the Fitzpatrick in NYC and dinner for two. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't lose all the time.

And now: A bit of Karaokegal song dedication going out to our fabulous mayor, Gavin Newsom:
(Sing it with me people.)
Here she comes again
When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky
Here she comes again
Ooh, she'll make you flip
Here she comes again
When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky
Here she comes again
I kinda like the way she dips
Well she's my best friend's girl
She's my best friend's girl-irl
But she used to be mine

It seems that back in 2005, Mayor Gav was shtupping a gal named Ruby, who happened to be married to this guy named Alex Tourke who is one of Mayor Gav's closest friends AND the guy running his re-election campaign. Ruby was on the payroll as well. It didn't last very long. Mayor Gav has had lots of girlfriends including that Scientologist Skank from CSI-Miami.

Unfortunately Ruby picked this week to decide to tell her husband. He didn't take it well. He quit as campaign manager and Mayor Gav had to cop to the whole messy thing. Big Scandal Du Jour here in SF. Gavin, Gavin, Gavin.

What's really interesting, among all the other interesting things, is that (according to C.W. Nevius in today's San Francisco Chronicle, it's men who are all shocked and outraged by this because of the "screwing a friend's wife" angle, whereas as women are like: Yeah? So? Mayor Gav seems to have violated the "Man Code". Ooooohhhhhhhh.

For more on this story go to www.sfgate.com.

I didn't vote for Mayor Gav because at the time I was more of a Matt Gonzalez girl, but ever since the gay marriage thing, he's totally been my goopy-haired boy and if he gets me free Wi-fi, I say he can be mayor for life and schtup who or what ever he wants.

But what I really loved in today's Chronicle was the following headline. No, I don't approve of the activity, but it's not every day in every town that you get to try and decode something like this over breakfast:

Man indicted on violin fraud charged in starvation of 6 Pekingese dogs

After bfast, we went to a pet store to buy stuff for the birds and on the counter I saw several issues of a magazine called The Hollywood Dog, one of which had the lovely Lisa Edelstein with one of her dogs on the cover, as well as an interview with the title "House of Love" and several more pictures of her and three dogs on the inside. I don't have a scanner so I can't share the pictures with you, but both Lisa and the dogs (I love dogs!) look awesome. Yes, I bought the magazine. Come to San Francisco and I'll show it to you.

Question: Should I type up the interview and post it? It's mostly about the dogs, but there is some "House" stuff. She got the script for "House" and "Desperate Housewives" in the same week and tested for both. She was up for the part that Felicity Huffman got.

The website is thehollywooddog.com and the issue is September/October 2006.
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