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Cause I really need it today.

Thursday, I bugged out of work early to make the Golden Gate Transit bus over to Marin County. I'd printed out the bus schedule from their website, which had me totally freaked out because it didn't list the stop closest to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Lucas Valley. I figured maybe there was some kind of budget cut situation. No, it turns out they just didn't put it on the schedule. It's not in the printed schedule either, by the way. It's just one of those things, where you either know where the bus stops or you don't. There was also a place closer to the office than where I could have picked it up as well. That's not on the schedule either.

When I go there the door was opened by a very cute young man. I told him I normally hug whoever opens the door, but as I didn't appear to be related to him, I wouldn't. Except then it turned out he was my cousin Shoshanna's boyfriend, so I ended up hugging him anyway. He's quite adorable, and even though he's not Jewish, he kind of looked like he could be, especially in a long coat with a loaner Fedora. He was very smart, funny and a House-Herr. (Can't really call a guy a House-frau, right?) I didn't immediately spew out my H/W slash thoughts, but he was pretty damned impressed with my detailed knowledge of the show. I was very impressed with him, and I think I may now officially need a cougar icon.

I was also saddened to hear the Mitzie, Shoshannah's miniature pinscher had passed on after 11 years. I remember Shoshannah when she was 10 days old at Josh's Bar Mitzvah and Mitzie when she was a little yapping puppy. OH MY GOD! I AM SO FUCKING OLD.

Grandma and Grandpa didn't make it. I think there were some issues with their transport from the two nursing facilities. This was disappointing, since I haven't seen either of them since last summer, but their presence increases the stress level exponentially. Grandma's is basically not able to walk, and you never know if she's really "there" or not, Grandpa is still trying to take care of her, even though he really can't which is why their in separate places now. Also, Grandpa is still just a manic individual. In his 80's he's playing the bodhran, organizing performances at his nursing home and keeping busy.

So it was a pretty mellow Seder, just Aunt/Uncle/Effie/Shoshannah/Boyfriend and me. But it still went on until one in the AM, because we read everything and had discussions and dinner went on a very long time.

I didn't get much sleep afterwards because of the whole paranoia about waking up and making the bus so I could get back to work.

Luckily work was pretty quiet yesterday, giving me time to write smut for the Voyeurism Porn Battle.

After work, I went over to Samovar to meet hubby so we could have dinner and go to Yerba Buena Gardens for the big do with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. I seriously love the Sisters. I realize there are people who can sincerely find the idea offensive, but they are so awesome, and they've done so much good in the community, plus they are the nicest people.

As I've mentioned, Hubby's late brother was a Sister, and hubby very much wanted to find people who'd known James as Sister Sleaze du Jour. At first we were outside standing in a line and not sure we would get in anytime soon, but Hubby a classic "Perpetual Indulgence" jacket and he went and talked to the guy with the clip-board, explained the family connection and BAM we were in. It's incredible being in a room with that many of them in full regalia. The habits and make-up are anazingly elaborate and we did in fact find people who'd known James. We didn't hang around long, but hubby did what he needed to do and was very happy.

Went home to watch Keith & Rachel and then crashed. (Keith was out. Yesterday was the service for his mom.) Rachel had yet another story about the Tea-Bagging. Not to start too much political wank, but along with these folks, one wonders if the right-wing is in desperate need of some cultural literacy experts. (The Rachel/Ana Marie clip is beyond awesome.)

Speaking of not starting wank...mmom is happening again this year, and I'm committed to NOT DOING IT! Two years in a row is plenty, but I will certainly encourage all of you to participate. Special love will be bestowed on real!Jack fics, of course, but any fandom is encouraged as well.

Lots of stuff to do today, which I mostly have to myself since Hubby is out doing something at the Zen Center till like 5:00PM...laundry, pick up new pills (since I've finished out the cycle and am having a "normal" period right now), dishes, working on Chapter 6, and setting up a filter for people to see the Novel in progress. I'm still super shy about showing any of it, but if you think you might be interested let me know.

And lastly...there's a post on my f-list about "Simple Explanation" that is completely, utterly on the opposite side of every possible spectrum (including political) to what I think about the episode. Not a single point of possible common ground.

So I'm not commenting. If you know me, that's saying something.

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