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Happy House Day and more news about Mayor Gavin

Despite the stinky pile of awfulness that was last week, I'm still on board and psyched for this evening. I'm happily unspoiled about the new episode. No idea what's happening tonight, which may be the way forward. There's no way to tell how much the spoilers affected my wenchy revulsion with ODOR, but I'm going to try and cut down on my exposure for the rest of the season. I still love this show. I'm still obsessed. I'm still obsessed with being obsessed.

I owe some of you reading and comments. (Gee, Karaokegal, where have we heard that before?) In some cases, I need to hold off because I'm working on something with possibly over-lapping themes and I'm a little worried about unconcious plagiarism of any kind. So considering I'm writing a very dark/angsty H/W epic (wow, that's a big leap for you, isn't it?) if you've written something that might overlap, you won't hear from me for a while. Be patient.

How bleak is this thing? I've even got misery sneaking in right after "All In". THAT BLEAK. Let's just say the working title is "Darkness On The Edge Of Town".

And now back to our soap opera in progress starring Mayor Gavin Newsom, his former campaign manager, Alex Tourk and Alex's wife, the delightfully named Ruby Rippey-Tourk...Today's headline from the San Francisco Chronicle: NEWSOME TO SEEK HELP FOR ALCOHOL ABUSE Oh Gavin! Not the "alcohol abuse" angle. On the other hand, who couldn't see this one coming through the Caldecott Tunnel?

I gotta say, I really like this picture and the way it captures a feeling of despair.

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